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Connections The Inbetweeners 2+ by DJ Forrest

DW & TW Connections

The Inbetweeners 2+

By DJ Forrest

It does seem like we’ve gone overboard on the Inbetweeners this month but its difficult not to leave it with just a review, especially since discovering a few familiar faces along the way during S1, 2 & 3, then the films of course.  So while I sat through several more reruns of the brilliant series (on Netflix) I began to mentally identify a group of people who had appeared in Doctor Who and Torchwood.  Of course when the the Inbetweeners 2 movie came out I almost squealed and leapt about like I’d just spilt coffee down me, but you will probably already know the reason for that if you’ve read our review of the film over on ‘Beyond the Hub’ Page. 

Below are the results of the Series and The Inbetweeners movies cast and crew list for Doctor Who & Torchwood Connections.  It’s thankfully not as large as previous lists we’ve covered this month but it’s been a great trip down memory lane remembering those who once graced our screens in their various Whovian guises.

Lucy Cohu played Neil’s girlfriend at the end of Inbetweeners 2 film.  Lucky fella!  In Torchwood: Children of Earth (2009), Lucy played Alice Carter, Captain Jack’s daughter.

Phil Nice played the Driving Instructor in The Inbetweeners (series) played Henry in Kill the Moon 2014 - Doctor Who and played a rambler in Torchwood: Miracle Day episode 1

Aniji Mohindra played Charlotte's friend in 'Girlfriend' episode in 2008.  Aniji played Rani Chandra in Sarah Jane Adventures 2008-2011.

Colin Spaull played Roy, a friend or family member of Will's in 2009.  He played Mr Crane in the two parter Who story - Rise of the Cybermen and The Age of Steel in 2006.  He played Lilt in Revelation of the Daleks part 1 & 2 in 1985, and appeared as himself and Lilt in the Revelation Exhumed video in 2005.

David Fynn who played Wolfie in the episode 'Work Experience' 2009 in The Inbetweeners series, played Marcellus in The Pandorica Opens in 2010.

Andrew Brooke played Barman 1 in one episode in 2008.  In Doctor Who he played The Gunslinger in A Town Called Mercy in 2012

Stephanie Fayerman played Neil's gran in 'Will's Dilemma' in 2010.  In Doctor Who she played McLuhan in Dragonfire: part one and three in 1987.

William Webb was in the editorial department for Torchwood - Adrift, Reset, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in 2008 and Day One and Everything Changes in 2006.  Also worked as Editor for 4 episodes of SJA in 2007 - Revenge of the Slitheen part 1 &2 and Eye of the Gorgon part 1 and 2.

Series Art Direction

Lucienne Suren was also involved in Art Direction in Doctor Who in 4 episodes between 2012 - 2013 - Asylum of the Daleks, The Angels Take Manhattan in 2012, The Rings of Akhaten and Nightmare in Silver in 2013, and as supervising art director for The Time of the Doctor in 2013.  Was involved in An Adventure in Space and Time in 2013,

Andy Smart was stunt man for 'Thorpe Park' episode 2008.  Also was a stunt performer for 3 episodes of Doctor Who between 2007 - 2013 in Evolution of the Daleks 2007 - stunt performer, Let's Kill Hitler - 2011, and The Rings of Akhaten 2013 as Andy J. Smart.

Andy Piers Morris was safety diver for Camping Trip in 2010.  And was safety freediver in The Vampires of Venice in 2010 for Doctor Who but was uncredited. 

Oli Russell was Second Camera Operator for 6 episodes during 2010 - Camping Trip, Will is Home Alone, Trip to Warwick, Will's Dilemma, The Gig and the Girlfriend and The Fashion Show.  Also for 3 episodes of Doctor Who Confidential in 2010.  Christmas Special, Death in Venice and War Games plus camera operator for Doctor Who Greatest Moments in 2009 - The Companions. 

Becky Brown Costume and Wardrobe Department was wardrobe supervisor for 6 episodes of Inbetweeners in 2008.  Xmas Party, Caravan Club, Girlfriend, Thorpe Park, First Day and Bunk Off.  Was costume supervisor in An Adventure in Space and Time in 2013.

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