Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Coffee Shop Torchwood: Meat Caption Comp

Torchwood: Meat Caption Comp

What is Ianto thinking about as he stares at the Starwhale?

Project: Torchwood Ianto: Nope, definitely don't see that face you see in the wrinkled skin of this space cow, and you definitely won't convince me by pointing that water pistol at my right ear!

Top Comment
Betty Dee Ianto: "I doubt that rock climbing on this will work..." Man with the gun: "I don't care, get up there!"

Claudia Lindner Ianto: "Impressive...but I think I'll stay with the original Ianto shrine."

What had Jack and Gwen seen in the Hub that was just a little too much for Jack's strong stomach? Or was it something Ianto said?

Top Comment
Claudia Lindner Ianto:"There's a package delivery, for Torchwood. It's from an online shoe store. And it's huge!" Jack:"Who buys shoes under the name Torchwood????" Gwen: "Oops!"

Betty Dee Ianto says: "I burned the scrambled eggs - again..." And Gwen thinks: "Again? When will he ever learn?" While Jack and Tosh are both like "WHAT?!?!?"

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