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Connections Dad's Army: Doctor Who Connections by DJ Forrest

Dad’s Army Connections by DJ Forrest

Dad’s Army – the Classic TV show

In 1968 a BBC television sitcom hit our screens that would have us laughing in our armchairs and muttering catchphrases for years to come.  Dad’s Army was written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft and told the story of the Home Guard during the Second World War.  It ran for 9 seasons and 80 episodes in total were aired.  There was a radio version, a feature film and a stage show.  The series ran till 1977. 

Dad’s Army told of the Home Guard platoon set in the fictional seaside town of Walmington-on-Sea, on the south coast of England.  Captain George Mainwaring, a pompous bank manager assumed leadership of the Local Defence Volunteers.  He was played by Arthur Lowe. Catchphrase  ‘Stupid boy’.

John Le Mesurier played Sergeant Arthur Wilson, who also worked at the bank.  He was a dapper gentleman and extremely laid back.  During the First World War he actually outranked Mainwaring but he didn’t admit this till the end of the series.  He lodges at Private Pike’s Mums house and although the boy calls him Uncle Arthur there’s some speculation that he was in fact his dad, although this was never stated in the actual series. ‘Do you think that’s wise sir?’

Clive Dunn played the local butcher, Lance-Corporal Jack Jones – ‘Don’t Panic Mr Mainwaring’.

Private James Frazer was played by John Laurie.  ‘We’re doomed!’  Was often his catchphrase.  He was a dour faced Scotsman who worked as an undertaker. 

Private Joe Walker played by James Beck was probably my favourite character.  Walker was a bit of a spiv who was able to get anything on the black market and was discharged from the regular army due to an allergy to corned beef!

Private Charles Godfrey played by Arnold Ridley was a retired shop assistant.  He spoke with a soft voice and I think was the oldest of the Home Guard platoon.  He often had to be excused so he could use the bathroom as he was often ‘caught short.’

Private Frank Pike was the youngster of the platoon.  He was a mummy’s boy and often appeared wearing a thick scarf in order to prevent him getting sick.  He whined a lot.  During the day he worked as a bank clerk at the same bank as Mainwaring, so he really couldn’t get away from the man who appeared to despise him.

ARP Warden William Hodges played by Bill Pertwee was a bit of a jobsworth.  There was a class war amongst Mainwaring and Hodges.  Hodges was a mere greengrocer while Mainwaring was a bank manager who took his role seriously and looked down his nose at anyone in a lesser position.

Now I’m guessing you’re wondering what all of this has to do with Doctor Who, well I can tell you this much.  In 2016 a new Dad’s Army film will be released featuring all the old favourites but with a brand new cast and crew. 

New Dad’s Army platoon and film premise

Just like the series, the film is set during the Second World War.  The Home Guard are instructed to guard a Dover army base as the Allies prepare to invade France and finally defeat the Germany military.  Captain Mainwaring sees this as an opportunity to revive spirits and reputations until a glamorous journalist by the name of Rose Winters arrives to write about their exploits…

MI5 are alerted when a radio signal is sent to Berlin from Walmington-on-Sea, sparking rumours of a spy, and it falls to the veteran servicemen to step up to the plate.

Hamish McColl is writer of the new film that Oliver Parker directs.  I can see this appealing to those of us still old enough to remember the series, but I am curious to see if the newer generation will be interested in a timely piece about a retired group of old soldiers. 

What I couldn’t get over were the amount of Doctor Who cast and indeed crew who are in the 2016 film.

Toby Jones plays George Mainwaring.  Toby Jones played the Dream Lord in Amy’s Choice.

Bill Nighy plays Sergeant Wilson.  In 2010 he played Dr Black in Vincent and the Doctor.

Michael Gambon plays soft spoken Private Godfrey.  In 2010 Gambon played Kazran and Elliot Sardick in A Christmas Carol.

Daniel Hays plays the spiv Private Walker.  In 2011, Hays played Alex in Night Terrors.

Bill Paterson plays Private Fraser.  In 2010 he played the character Bracewell in The Pandorica Opens and Victory of the Daleks.

Mark Gatiss also appears in the new film.  In Doctor Who he voiced Danny Boy (uncredited) as well as appearing as Professor Lazarus in The Lazarus Experiment in 2007, Gantok in The Wedding of River Song,  as well as writer of many Who episodes including his docu-drama ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’.  Gatiss has also written Who novels. 

Annette Crosby played Mrs Angelo in The Eleventh Hour.

Sarah Lancashire played the role of Matron Cofelia in the Adipose episode Partners In Crime in 2008.

Holli Dempsey – Daphne – played Kelly in Doctor Who – Closing Time (2011)

Liz Griffiths   Costume Design – In 2005 worked on Doctor Who: The Parting of the Ways, Bad Wolf, The Doctor Dances, The Empty Child, Father’s Day, The Long Game, Dalek.

Dinah Collin   Makeup Department – Costume Designer for 10 Who episodes between 1982-1985 – The Mark of the Rani: part 1 & part 2 (1985), Enlightenment: Part 1-4 (1983), Earthshock: part 1-4 (1982)

Discovering the cast and crew of new Who I couldn’t leave this article without researching even further and looking into the old series.  So back to IMDB I went and the lengthy research began and boy was there a lot of cast and crew to go back through.  Some of course were listed as uncredited actors, so a few of these could only be mentioned as the episode of Who they appeared in but not their character name, others I struck gold.

So kick off your shoes, settle down in a comfy seat, you might need a flask and sandwiches, keep your gas mask handy, and black out your blinds, for I am taking you on a journey through old Who, with not just the actors character or crew position but some interesting facts along the way.  Are you ready?.

Dad's Army (1968–1977) Full Cast & Crew connected to Who

Series Cast  

Bill Pertwee  (21st July 1926 - 27th May 2013) played Chief Warden Hodges (60 episodes, 1968-1977)  Although he didn’t appear in any Who episodes, his claim to fame on the Who list is that he was a a distant cousin to Jon Pertwee.

Talfryn Thomas  (31st October 1922 – 4 November 1982) played Private Cheeseman (6 episodes, 1973-1974)  Talfryn came from Swansea, Wales and appeared as Mullins in Spearhead from Space (1970) and Dave in The Green Death (1973). Thomas earned the name of Taff the Teef because of his protruding front teeth. 

John Ringham  (10th February 1928 – 20th October 2008) played Captain Bailey (5 episodes, 1968-1970)  John played Tlotoxl in The Aztecs, Josiah Blake in The Smugglers and Robert Ashe in Colony in Space.

Fulton Mackay (12th August 1922 – 6th June 1987) played Captain Ramsey (2 episodes, 1973-1977)  Known by those of us who remember the sitcom Porridge, as Prison Officer Mr Mackay.  Fulton Mackay played Doctor Quinn in Doctor Who and the Silurians.  Fulton had also been in the running to play the Doctor after Jon Pertwee gave up the role. 

Alan Tilvern  (5th November 1918 – 17th December 2003) played Captain Rodrigues (2 episodes, 1969-1973)  Tilvern played Forester in Planet of Giants (1964)

Erik Chitty (8th July 1907 – 22 July 1977) played Mr. Clerk (2 episodes, 1970-1974)
Chitty appeared in two Who stories as Charles Preslin in The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve and Engin in The Deadly Assassin.  

Barbara Windsor (6th August 1937 - )played Laura la Plaz (1 episode, 1968)  Barbara appeared in Doctor Who episode 'Army of Ghosts' broadcast 1 July 2006, playing her character in Eastenders in a special clip telling Den Watts to "get outta my pub!".

Michael Bilton  (14th December 1919 – 5th November 1993) played Mr. Maxwell (1 episode, 1969)  Bilton appeared in The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve as Teligny, Pyramids of Mars as Collins, and The Deadly Assassin as a Time Lord.

Philip Madoc  (5th July 1934 – 5th March 2012) played the U Boat Captain (1 episode, 1973). Madoc was born Phillip Jones and came from Twynyrodyn, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan.  I remember Madoc mostly as DCI Noel Bain in A Mind to Kill, but to Whovians the world over, he will always be remembered by the roles he played in Doctor Who.  Such as the 2nd Who film Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150AD (1966), Playing Eelek in The Krotons, a villainous alien War Lord in The War Games.  In 1970 he appeared in The Brain of Morbius as Solon and The Power of Kroll as Fenner. In 2003 he guest starred in The Big Finish Doctor Who audio adventure, Master and returned to Big Finish in the 2008 Sixth Doctor story Return of the Krotons.  In December 2011, Madoc took part in the recording of the DVD commentary for The Krotons.

John Cater  (17th January 1932 – 21st March 2009) Private Clarke (1 episode, 1970).  In 1966 he played Professor Krimpton in The War Machines.

Peter Butterworth  (4th February 1919 – 16th January 1979) Mr. Bugden (1 episode, 1975)  Although he is better known for his roles in the Carry On films, he will also be remembered for playing the Monk in The Time Meddler and The Daleks' Master Plan between 1966/67.

John Leeson  (1st March 1943 - )the 1st Soldier (1 episode, 1969)  Leeson is best known for voicing the tin dog K-9 between 1977-1979, 1980 - 1981 and in 2006 episode 'School Reunion' and 2008 'Journey's End', also voicing K-9 for SJA and the tv pilot K-9 and Company, and for the 20th anniversary episode The Five Doctors.  Leeson didn't just provide the voice of the tin dog; he also appeared as Dugeen for the story The Power of Kroll (1978-1979. 

For Big Finish Leeson provided the voice for K-9 in the audios Zagreus and the Gallifrey series. As well as the tin dog he also played other characters in the serials The Invisible Enemy as the voice of Nucleus and the voice of a Dalek in Remembrance of the Daleks. 

Leeson played the role of Prosecutor 2 in 2005 stage production of The Trial of Davros.

Patrick Tull  (28th July 1941 – 23rd September 2006) The Suspect (1 episode, 1969)  He provided voices for the krotons, heard but not seen.

Edward Underdown  (3rd September 1908 – 15th December 1989) Major General Sir Charles Holland (1 episode, 1972).  Played Zastor in Meglos in 1980. 

Roger Avon (23rd November 1914 – 21st December 1998) The Doctor (1 episode, 1969).  Appeared in Doctor Who film Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150AD as well as appearing in the serials The Crusade as Sephadin and The Daleks' Master Plan as Daxter in 1966.

Norman Mitchell  (27th August 1918 – 19th March 2001) Was born Norman Mitchell Driver and came from Sheffield, West Riding of Yorkshire.  He played Captain Rogers in Dad’s Army(1 episode, 1969).  He appeared in the serial The Daleks' Master Plan as a Policeman 1965/66

Michael Osborne  (13th November 1947 - )The Boy Scout (1 episode, 1968) Played Sorak in the Serial The Horns of Nimon in 1979/1980.

Stanley McGeagh Sgt. Waller (1 episode, 1969) Stanley appeared in two Who stories, Allen in Colony in Space (1971) and Drew in The Sea Devils (1972).

Cy Town (Born 1931) Mess Steward (1 episode, 1973)  Cy came from Shropshire, England and worked as a Dalek operator from Frontier in Space to Remembrance of the Daleks.  

Andrew Carr (died 18th November 1992) Andrew was the Operations Room Officer (1 episode, 1969).  He played Senior Guard in the Day of the Daleks

Geoffrey Hughes (2nd February 1944 – 27th July 2012) played the Bridge Corporal (1 episode, 1972).  In 1986 he appeared in The Trial of a Time Lord parts 13 & 14 as Mr Popplewick.

April Walker  (Born 1941 - ) Judy (1 episode, 1972)  On 14 March 1973 April was awarded the role of Sarah Jane Smith for Doctor Who, however Jon Pertwee didn't like Barry Letts choice so the actress was quickly replaced by Elisabeth Sladen.  She was still paid in full for the whole of Season 11 even though she had been effectively fired.  Although it was never revealed in either Elisabeth Sladen of Barry Letts lifetimes it was uncovered by info text writer David Brunt who came across an order for her payment during research for the DVD Invasion of the Dinosaurs 

May Warden (9th May 1891 – 5th October 1978) played Mrs. Dowding (1 episode, 1969)  She played an aged Sara Kingdom in Doctor Who: The Dalek's Master Plan (1965/1966) 

Kenneth Watson (16th November 1931 – 21st July 1998) played the R.A.F. Officer (1 episode, 1969)  Played Bill Duggan in The Wheel in Space. He had been booked to play a farmer in a later serial The Time Monster but was replaced by George Lee.  His most memorable role was in the Doctor Who film Daleks- Invasion Earth: 2150AD with Peter Cushing.
Sue Bishop  played the Ticket Collector (1 episode, 1973)  Appeared in the Doctor Who serial The Brain of Morbius as one of the Sisterhood of Kahn in parts 1 - 4 in 1976. 

Donald Morley  (9th June 1923 – 27th May 1999) Played Glossip (1 episode, 1974).  He played Jules Renan in 4 episodes of The Reign of Terror in 1964.
Robert Lankesheer (28th April 1914 – 29th December 1993) Played Medical Officer (1 episode, 1969).  Robert played the Chamberlain in The Crusade in 1965.

Desmond Cullum-Jones (1 December 1924 – 6th June 2002) Played Platoon Member (uncredited) (6 episodes, 1969-1977).  He played a worker in The War Machines, and played an uncredited role as a citizen of Millennius in The Keys of Marinus. 
Robert Aldous (Born 1934 - ) German Pilot (uncredited) (1 episode, 1969)  Played an uncredited role in Doctor Who as a Freedom Fighter in The Dalek's Invasion of Earth episode World's End in 1964.

Pat Gorman  Played Southgate Platoon Soldier (uncredited) (1 episode, 1969)  Appeared in 83 episodes of Doctor Who in minor roles between 1964 - 1985. Played a Silurian in The Silurians (1970), Primitive in Colony in Space (1971), and a Sea Devil in The Sea Devils (1972) Located in Justin Richards Doctor Who: The Book of Lists - BBC Books.

Series Film Editing by
Bob Rymer  (20 episodes, 1969-1973)  Was Film Editor in Doctor Who from 1966 – 1974 for stories - The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve, The Claws of Axos, Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Death to the Daleks, Planet of the Spiders.

John Dunstan (4 episodes, 1977) Was Film Editor for Doctor Who: The Pirate Planet in 1978.

Series Production Design by
Richard Hunt (3 episodes, 1969) Was Production designer for 17 episodes of Doctor Who, including episodes 4 - 8 of The Invasion during 1968.

Tim Gleeson (3 episodes, 1977). Was Production designer from 1971-1972 for 12 episodes of Doctor Who including The Time Monster Episodes Parts 2 – 6.

Geoff Powell  (3 episodes, 1977)  In 1987 was production designer for Time and the Rani for 4 episodes ( part 1 - 4)

Barry Newbery  (1 episode, 1976)  Between 1963 - 1984 was production designer on Doctor Who for 62 episodes.  Including episodes 1 & 2 of The Awakening (1984), The Invisible Enemy episodes 2,3 & 4 in 1977.

Series Makeup Department
Sylvia Thornton makeup artist (20 episodes, 1974-1977). In 1975 was the Make Up artist for Doctor Who: The Android Invasion parts 1 - 4

Cynthia Goodwin  makeup artist / make up (6 episodes, 1970-1972)  In 1970 was make up artist for Spearhead from Space episodes 1 - 4

Sandra Exelby makeup artist (1 episode, 1968)  Was Make up artist for Doctor Who episodes The Time Warrior for part 1 in 1973 and Part 4 in 1974

Cecile Hay-Arthur  makeup artist (1 episode, 1969) Cecile has been make up artist for 10 episodes of Who during 1978 0 1980, make up artist in 4 episodes during 1975, make up designer for 2 episodes in 1985, make up artist in 2 episodes in 1980, and hair stylist in 1 episode in 1975, and due to this computer can only list Vengeance on Varos parts 1 & 2 as Make up designer, Meglos in 1980 parts 2 - 4 while 18 other episodes are hidden.

Ann Ailes-Stevenson makeup artist (1 episode, 1973)  Between 1977 - 1984 was make up artist for 6 episodes of Doctor Who.  The Awakening Part 1 & 2 in 1984 and The Face of Evil parts 2-4 in 1977

Series Sound Department
Michael McCarthy sound / sound: studio (45 episodes, 1969-1976)  In 1977 provided sound for 8 episodes and studio sound for 4 episodes in 1975,  (1-4 episodes The Sun Makers 1977, Sound for Part 4 of The Invisible Enemy (1977)

John Gatland  sound recordist / film sound (9 episodes, 1973-1974)  Sound Department for Doctor Who: Film sound - 15 episodes 1973-1983) Film recordist - 3 episodes 1977) - The Five Doctors (1983) film sound, Time Flight: Part 1 & 4 film sound 1982, Earth shock Part one 1982, The Talons of Weng-Chiang part 3 1977 film recordist

Alan Machin  sound / sound: studio (6 episodes, 1975)  Sound Department for Doctor Who 17 episodes 1975-1982 and Studio Sound  - 5 episodes 1982) Earthshock: pt 1-4 1982 (studio sound for part one), Black Orchid part 2 studio sound - 1982)

Laurie Taylor sound: studio / sound (6 episodes, 1977)  1982 Doctor Who studio sound - 4 episodes - Castrovalva part 1-4

John Holmes sound (4 episodes, 1969-1970)  Sound Department Doctor Who - Sound - 41 episodes 1968-1981, grams operator - 2 episodes 1966. - Logopolis part 1 - 4 sound: studio, The Keeper of Traken Part 4 1981, sound.

Ron Blight sound recordist (4 episodes, 1972)  1982-1983 film sound - 3 episodes.  Snakedance: Part 4: 1983 film sound, Black Orchid: part 1 & 2 (1982) film sound.

Bill Chesneau film sound (4 episodes, 1975) Film Sound - 3 episodes 1974-1980 - Leisure hive part 1 (1980) film sound, Death to the Daleks part 1 & 4 (1974) film sound.  Film sound recordist - 2 episodes, 1968-1972 - The Curse of Peladon - Ep 1 - film sound recordist - uncredited, 1972, The Invasion, Episode 8 (1968), film sound recordist.

Graham Bedwell film sound (4 episodes, 1977)  Film recordist for 15 episodes in  1979 including City of Death part 1 - 4, Destiny of the Daleks: episode 4  film recordist. 

Ray Angel sound (1 episode, 1969) Sound - 32 episodes 1964-1968, studio sound - 3 episodes 1965 including The Web of Fear episodes 2 - 6 (1968) for episodes 2-5 sound uncredited.

Series Special Effects and Series Visual effects by  Peter Day  special effects (7 episodes, 1969)  visual effects (15 episodes, 1970-1975)  Season 4 - The Evil of Daleks - Peter Day, Season 5 - The Tomb of the Cybermen, Fury from the Deep, Season 7 The Ambassadors of Death, Season 8 The Daemons, Season 9 The Sea Devils, Season 11 The Monster of Peladon, Season 12 Genesis of the Daleks, Season 14 The Deadly Assassin, Season 15 The Sun Makers

Tony Harding  visual effects (2 episodes, 1972)  1977-1984 visual effects designer - 16 episodes - The Awakening: part 1 & 2 (1984) visual effects designer, The King's Demons part 1 & 2 (1983) visual effects designer as Anthony Harding, State of Decay part 4 (1980) visual effects designer.

John Friedlander visual effects (1 episode, 1970)  1975 visual effects designer - 6 episodes: The Sontaran Experiment - part 1 & 2, The Ark in Space part 2, 3 & 4,

Ron Oates visual effects (1 episode, 1970)  Visual effects - 18 episodes, 1967-1968, Visual effects designer - 11 episodes, 1968 - 1973 - The Green Death: episodes 2 - 6 (visual effects designer uncredited for all but episode 6)

Len Hutton visual effects (1 episode, 1971)  Series 14: ep 9/10 The Deadly Assassin part 1 & 2 1976

Series Camera and Electrical Department
Howard King  lighting / studio lighting (60 episodes, 1969-1977)  Lighting - 71 episodes 1964-1972, studio lighting - 5 episodes 1965, lighting technician - 4 episodes 1968 - The Curse of Peladon - ep 1 - 4 1972 lighting, The War Games Ep 10  1969 lighting

George Summers  lighting (17 episodes, 1968-1970)  1966-1967 Lighting - 16 episodes - The Underwater Menace: Ep 1 - 4 1967 lighting - uncredited 1-3), The Highlanders Episode 4 (1967) lighting

Stewart A. Farnell film cameraman (12 episodes, 1970-1972)  1963-1964 camera operator - 7 episodes The Rescue (1964) camera operator - uncredited, The Ordeal - 1964 - camera operator uncredited, The Expedition - 1964 - camera operator uncredited. The Ambush and The Escape 1964 - uncredited camera operator.

Peter Chapman  film cameraman (8 episodes, 1975-1977)  1977 - 1982 film cameraman - 10 episodes - Time Flight: part 1 and part 4 film cameraman, Black Orchid 1 & 2, 1982 film cameraman, The Visitation part 4 1982 film cameraman

Len Newson film cameraman (4 episodes, 1974)  Born 1926 in UK died 2005 age 79 in Hertfordshire, England.  1975 - film cameraman - 4 episodes - The Android Invasion - part 1 - 4 (1975) film cameraman.
Series Costume and Wardrobe Department
Mary Husband  costumes (14 episodes, 1975-1977)  1972 4 episodes Day of the Daleks ep 1 - 4

Michael Burdle costumes (2 episodes, 1969)  1971-1979 Doctor Who The Armageddon Factor part 2-6

Tardis Wikia (for the more obscure names)

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