Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Beyond The TARDIS Broadchurch is Back by DJ Forrest

Broadchurch Is Back
Season 2

Written by Chris Chibnall
Reviewed by DJ Forrest


I loved the first season and I had some questions when it was announced that Tennant would return as DI Alex Hardy.  Such as, if a man is at death’s door, how the hell does he make it back into his position as DI and continue to crack another case?  So seeing the opening story picking up literally where the last ended, it’s plain to see where we’re at with Hardy. 

I love the way this story is playing out although I wonder how Hardy will fair dealing with the trial of Joe Miller as well as keeping Claire, played by Eve Myles, safe from her ex husband – I’m assuming ex husband given that she gave a false alibi for him.  So this is personal, DI Hardy’s second to last case opening up, with a girl still missing and a headache of a trial, so lots more skeletons in closets yet to be revealed. 

Am I looking forward to the second episode – you betcha! 

The best thing about Broadchurch season 1 was that it kept us all guessing.  There were no spoilers, nobody knew who did it, they speculated on who it could be, but how many guessed it was Ellie’s husband? I had my suspicions; it was either Joe or the son.

What I love to see are the amount of regular Who and TW cast in programmes such as this, and so you can guess my excitement at seeing Eve Myles, but also the past regulars from Season 1 including Adjoa Andoh to add to another Who cast member joining the team.  Adjoa’s character plays Ellie’s therapist and I believe also DI Hardy’s. 

It’s too soon to say what truths will out over the coming weeks but if anyone has any thoughts regarding this Season, let us know, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the show. 

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