Monday, 22 December 2014

News Editor's Christmas Message 2014 - Beware the Santa Claws!

Editor’s Christmas Message

Hi guys,

Christmas is always a mad rush what with festive decorations, buying in enough cards to post out, along with the usual work sprucing up the office and hosing down the Weevils.  Christmas is also one of the busiest of times for Torchwood officers.  We’re on the look-out for Santa Claws!  Yes, that isn’t a misprint. 

This year the Rift has been active with sightings of a mysterious red suited creature carrying a large sack over his shoulder and riding a sleigh drawn by 6 fire breathing demons.  Obviously this poses a problem given that this year we’re expecting a visit from the real Santa.  We’ve all been relatively good, all Weevil activity aside that is, and we all want Santa to fill our sacks!

If you happen to see the imposter Santa Claws in your travels, please do not approach but if you can, please post your photos of him on Twitter using the
RT Beware #SantaClaws2014 #ProjectTorchwood and where the location that he was sighted, such as the City rather than your actual address. We have to catch him before 24th people. 

All eyes on the skies!  (obviously please be aware that keeping eyes on the skies for too long a period could be damaging to your health – so common sense please).

So with that in mind, we’re unable to bring you the Christmas Edition this year but will be back in 2015 with even more articles, reviews, news and interviews and lots more.

So from all of us at Project: Torchwood, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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