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Articles Welcome to Issue 20 'To The Last Man' December 2014

Issue 20 To The Last Man

Cover Page

Content Guide

Editor’s Note
To The Last Man Episode Breakdown
Life of a Jobbing Actor by Justin Walters

Interview with Nathan Sussex
Revisited Interview with Anthony Lewis

Beyond the Hub
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Film Review by Tom Toaduff

Beyond the TARDIS
Not another Happy Ending Film Review by DJ Forrest

The Coffee Shop
Caption Comps ‘To The Last Man’

The Mothership
Who Reviews:
The Sunmakers
The Five Doctors
The Invasion
State of Decay

Master Class Part 4: Queen of Evil by Tony J Fyler

‘To The Last Man’

Pvt. Thomas Reginald Brockless

The Whoniverse Round-Up

‘To The Last Man’ by DJ Forrest

Expo & Cons
Cardiff Film & Comic Con 2014
with Louise Neale & Melanie Peake

 Editor’s Note

It used to be that a month would drag on by, and then I created the website and the weeks would nip in at speed.  Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing really.  Good in the sense that despite the initial panic that we’ll not have the Issue ready for the due date we always manage to make it, but bad in the sense that Joshua is getting that one step closer to locating where his Christmas presents are hiding. 

We have realised over the years that the Hub is the ideal place for storing presents, but with a Weevil with a good sense of smell, which again you have to question given his usual stomping or splashing ground, that he can locate anything above the smell of sewer, I find it frustrating of late that I have to even camouflage the wrapped gifts and attach a homing device in them so even I can locate them later. 

And so to this month’s issue. 
Tony has brought out another Master Class of an article, this time featuring our Missy Master.  Michelle Gomez was the perfect choice to play the Master, absolutely and it seems we haven’t heard the last of her either.  You can’t keep a good man or indeed woman down these days or bad for that matter. 

Jeff and Tony review more Classic Who episodes. I love our Who reviews, because a lot of time has gone into writing them, reliving those moments again on DVD of past Classic episodes, which have made me regret selling on my Classic Who DVD’s years ago as my only interest was New Who.  I’m slowly rebuilding my Classic collection. 

We have interviews from Nathan Sussex who played the desk sergeant in Torchwood’s ‘Small World’s episode and a revisit of an interview with Anthony Lewis who played Pvt. Tommy Brockless in ‘To The Last Man’ which we’re covering this month.  As it’s a revisit you’ll find the link on the Content Page.

Our Expo & Cons Page saw Louise Neale and Melanie Peake showing off their Cosplay costumes and telling us of their first time at Cardiff Film and Comic Con this month.  After realising that their outfits weren’t connected with Who or Torchwood it gave me an idea that we open the Expo & Cons to more than just those two categories.  The world of Cosplay is absolutely fantastic and I would love the opportunity of having a go of this one day, but in the meantime, if anyone is going to a Cosplay event and would like to share their experiences with everyone, then please get in touch.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be an actor, Justin Walters (Torchwood: Countrycide and Doctor Who: Rise of the Cybermen) gives us an insight into the Life of a Jobbing Actor.  Check out his two showcase videos – Hostage Situation and Father and Son.

Sometimes life can get in the way when putting together articles for the website, and this month it’s been especially hard for some of our team to contribute fully, so Gadgets & Gizmos and Connections and Mini Series are taking a backseat until the New Year when we can refocus – hopefully!  Because of offline commitments we’ve had to pull in extra help with the covers and so I want to take this opportunity to thank not just Mickie who despite running around like a headless chook offline again still managed to produce some awesome covers, but to those who contributed to the website their articles and reviews etc, and also to Nikki Forrest who created some of the extra Covers this month and to Justin Walters for his wonderful article. 

Thank you!

Welcome to Issue 20


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