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The Whoniverse Round Up October 2014

The Whoniverse Round Up
October 2014

October, the time of Halloween, putting the clocks back and saving for the coming months when the first glimpse of the Coca Cola truck signifies the festive season is upon us.
October saw celebrations, as well as sad farewells.  Last month (September), saw the passing of Maggie Stables, a favourite Who companion in Big Finish Productions, this month saw the passing of Lynda Bellingham, the Oxo Mum, who also starred as the Inquisitor in ‘The Trial of a Time Lord,’ read our Tribute to her here:

14th October, saw John Barrowman receive his MBE at Buckingham Palace.  A medal he quite rightly deserves.  You can find more photos on Barrowman’s website

This month also saw the release of The Maze Runners, one to look out for, especially the Whovians amongst us.  It stars Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who played Tim Latimer in ‘Human Nature’ and ‘Family of Blood’, check out our review by Bekah “Witch’s Cat” Shambrook, by clicking this link:

What to look out for over the next couple of months

John R Walker is currently working on a new film called “Amityville Legacy” which was shot in Canada this September and October and should be out to buy on DVD in April.  The “Amityville Legacy” Facebook Page is currently under construction, (it’s currently known as “Amityville Playhouse”) but it asks if you can unfollow if you’re presently following that page, so it can change its name to “Amityville Legacy”.  (Facebook policy – has to be less than 200 people following in order for it to change its name) so can’t send you the link for that at the current moment.

Last year we interviewed John with regards to his Who and Torchwood involvement, check out the interview here.

Aside from playing the role of Joe in Channel 4's 'Glue', Jonny Owen is currently directing and producing a documentary about the European Cup winning team Nottingham Forest, called ‘I Believe in Miracles.’

Last year we interviewed Jonny about his role in Torchwood and his current projects, read it here:

Justin Walters is playing a lead role in a new Horror Short called ‘The Money Tree’, it’ll be a crowd funded project, and we’ll have more details on that when they come in.

We interviewed Justin last year; follow this link to read it here:

Comic News

Andrew Cartmel is currently working on a graphic novel version of ‘Rivers of London’ novel for Titan Comics, with Ben Aaronovitch.  ‘Rivers of London’ is the title of Ben Aaronovitch’s series of novels of which he describes it as “the world’s cheapest ever SF soap opera, Jupiter Moon.”  The novel follows the adventures of Peter Grant, a young officer in the Met, who after an unexpected encounter with a ghost, is recruited by a smaller unit within the Met that deals with magic and the supernatural. 

The series has a massive following and has prompted a music video with lyrics and music by Ben Bailey “Doc Brown” Smith, a cool UK rapper who created the 13 part teen comedy-drama on CBBC, ‘The 4 O’clock Club’.

The comic book is due out in April 2015, check here for more details:

Titan Comics are also bringing out 9th Doctor stories in 2015 which will feature Captain Jack Harkness and Rose Tyler.  Now isn’t that worth looking out for!

Novels to look out for this month:

Steven Savile has a few new novels out this month, and a few older novels with rebooted covers which I have to say look much better than the previous.  (I’m going to need a bigger bookshelf)

Crucible is out November 4th, also this month are Immortal and Time’s Mistress.  New covers on the Osmiog series are definitely worth a look see, and I’ve got my eye on quite a few of them. 

You can follow the links from his website to find the novels or go directly to Amazon UK or US, iTunes, Kobo or Barnes & Noble.  We’ve posted up a few links below for Amazon UK

A few links to look out for:

Have a great November.

Special thanks to Andrew Cartmel, Steven Savile, In Print Comics, Justin Walters, John R. Walker and Jonny Owen

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