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The Mothership Who Reviews: PS... The Wedding of River Song by "Doctor Boo" Toaduff

Who Reviews: The Wedding of River Song

Written by Steven Moffat
Reviewed by “Doctor Boo” Toaduff

Now, as a person who found River to be a slightly overused character, I was unsure of this episode when I heard the title. Granted, I still think that she was used a little too much but this episode was good! Like, really good. So, in this episode,   The Doctor attempts to escape his death at the hands of the Silence. River, whom the Silence had programmed to kill the Doctor, refuses, and they end up in an alternate timeline where all of time is running simultaneously and beginning to collapse. The Doctor tries to restore the universe with the help of River and the alternate universe versions of Amy and Rory.

This episode sort of, moves along the Doctor Who continuity quite well, finishing off the Series 6 storyline of “The Doctor’s Death” and it’s a well written conclusion. None of that “none of this happened and everyone forgot” sort of thing. Well, sort of. But it happened. Sort of. It was a touching episode and had its emotional moments at some points in the episode. It reminded me of Star Trek with all this alternate universe stuff.

This episode also has Amy being as badass as Rory was with his “WHERE IS MY WIFE?” line in Good Man goes to War. She uses a machine gun! Against the Silence! Karen Gillan was again, brilliant in this episode, along with Arthur Darvill, who isn’t married to Amy in this episode, alternate universes and all. Alex Kingston is a fantastic actress, she does play River very well, and she was great in Arrow but it still doesn’t change my opinion that River is/was overused and should have only appeared in a few episodes. I know she’s Amy’s daughter, but still. Speaking of that, is she Amy and Rory’s daughter in the alternate universe? Because they aren’t together. So I dunno where she came from in that. Or maybe I just didn’t pay attention and she may have mentioned something. Matt Smith, infact, all the actors were great in this episode, but this is the sort of episode that if I was going to show a friend who had never seen the show before, I’d show them this, because of the acting, the story etc.

My only problem with the episode is the ending where the Doctor *spoilers* isn’t really shot but it’s the Teselecta, I thought that was a bit of a cop out. Sure, I couldn’t think of a better resolution to save my life, but to me it just felt like “Oh no, 5 minutes left of running time. Quick, remember the teselecta? Yeah, use that.”
On the whole, great episode, great acting, 9/10.

Who Reviews: P.S (Doctor Who Minisode)


On a serious note, I shed a man tear during this. Don’t judge me, but I did. I wish this hadn’t been cut from the actual episode.
There isn’t really much to talk about this, but basically, after the events of Angels take Manhattan, a man appears at Brian Williams’ door. He gives him a note, written by Amy and Rory, given to this man to give to Rory’s dad in the future. Turns out, they adopted a child called “Anthony” and he is the man at the door now. The note basically says that though they will be dead by the time he gets this, they want him to know that they still love him and think about him and stuff like that. Brian and Anthony embrace each other.


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