Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Coffee Shop Issue 19 Caption Comp: Sleeper

Issue 19 Caption Comp


Caption This

Ianto in the mind probe chair

Claudia Lindner: "Wow, these massage chairs from the Lotus Nebula are"

Morgana Raven Wolf "Oh yes, just there Jack."

Betty Dee:  "Oh my God, did I really just check out Owen's bum?"

Betty Dee: 'No way I'm ever going to try out this sex toy with Jack!'

Claudia Lindner Ianto: "whoa...Jack, when you said, "massage armchair", I didn't expect it to massage this region..whoa..."

Caption This

Jack points the Webley

Betty Dee: "You dared damaging that coat?  Ianto's gonna kill you!"

"ZombieAbaddon" Captain Jack Harkness decides that he can no longer bear to hear the Candy Crush Saga on Gwen's phone and decides to terminate the account once and for all...

Claudia Lindner:  "I'm serious, I really will shoot you if you play another Justin Bieber song!"

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