Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Coffee Shop Fan Art: Happy Halloween

Fan Art:  Happy Halloween 

It’s close to midnight, and something Weevil is lurking in the depths of the Hub, for tonight is the witching hour, the night of the dead, all Hallow’s Eve, and who knows what might knock at your door trick or treating!!!

We have some awesome artwork for you this month. 

A welcome return to “Scaree Knight” and her hand drawn Torchwood team consisting of a gruesomely scary Captain Jack Harkness with his fly companions, proving that being immortal at Halloween doesn't necessarily mean your limbs will grow back. 

Myfanwy knows how to scare the kids and save them from the demon dentist by eating the chocolate herself, so long as she doesn’t share it with Joshua.

And Ianto Jones, entering into the spirit of Halloween with  cute little tail and ears.  Hello Pussycat, Meowww!

The Doctor has his hands full when he visits the Witch’s shop.  Love those mini pumpkins, “Agony Antje”, and look out for that giant bat!   

“Lyving Chaos” immortalises the long lost Torchwood team on this Halloween night, with a poem from the crypt.  

Captain Jack’s equally scary Nostrovite snappy snarly approach in the ‘Screaming At the Moon’ fan art designed by our very own “Kira Pumpkin” has me shaking in my shoes. 

And “Devil’s Droid” artwork ‘Beware of the Captain’ from ‘Adam’ episode has been given a truly brilliant make over for this Hallows Eve.  As Jack surveys the dead, are these people he’s killed after a vampire attack or is there something far more sinister at work here?

With thanks to all contributors to the Fan Art this month, and to find out who they are, check out the tags below.

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