Thursday, 30 October 2014

Articles Welcome to Issue 19: Sleeper

Issue 19 Sleeper

Halloween Issue

Content Guide

Cover, Content, Editor’s Note

Episode Breakdown: Sleeper

Director Douglas Mackinnon

Cell 114

Beyond the Hub
Film Review: Swelter by “Spooky” Stanton
Docu-Review: Sexting Teacher by “Pumpkin Howl”

Small Animal Hospital

Beyond the TARDIS
Film Review: The Maze Runner by “Witch’s Cat”

The Coffee Shop
Caption Comp: Sleeper
Fan Art: Halloween
How Big Is Your Fandom Pt 1 & Pt 2
Diary of a Woody Whovian by “Bone Muncher” Tarrant

The Mothership
Who Reviews:
City of Death by “Razorglove” Fyler
Mind Robber by “Creeper” Zyra
PS...The Wedding of River Song by “Doctor Boo” Toaduff
Tribute to Lynda Bellingham
Target Zone:
Doctor Who and the Claws of Axos
By “Green Tentacles of Death”
Big Finish Reviews:
Domain of the Voord by “Creeper” Zyra
The Scarifyers by “Green Tentacles of Death”

Game of Thrones by “ZombieAbaddon”

Whoniverse Round Up
Round up of the month plus what’s coming up Next month!

Editor’s Note

Happy Halloween folks! 

Trick or Treat?  As you know it’s creeping ever closer to Christmas, with the night’s drawing in, the frost settling like a blanket, fog covering the ground with its clammy fingers, and two Weevils who should know better, pressing their faces against the glass panes of neighbouring houses to size up the wares.  Wares as in food!  I’m not sure if this is some kind of hibernation mode that Weevils go through or just that they grow increasingly prone to the warmth of a house with the roast in the oven, and the enticing aroma of rich sauces and....ok enough of that, I’m salivating at the thought myself.

Despite the lack of Gadgets & Gizmos and Locations this month, my team have a bumper of an Issue for you.  Halloween is a great time for name calling – obviously names you’ve chosen yourself, not names the neighbourhood kids have called you.  It’s also a time to share your fandom collections and such a bounty awaits you.  This month we had a wonderful interview with Doctor Who Director, Douglas Mackinnon.  This guy truly loves Doctor Who, and we know what he wants for Christmas!

This month sees us with two film reviews, and a documentary review, along with our regular Who reviews.  We’ve also got a HUGE article about Game of Thrones.  It took some time to put together, and a serious amount of research.  Check it out!

Our Whoniverse Round Up is picking up pace and not only do we round up the month passed, but we’re also gathering some news for the month ahead.

There is so much to read, what are you still doing here, get on over there, and watch your step, you don’t know who you’re going to meet along the way.


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