Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Coffee Shop Issue 18 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Caption Comps

Issue 18 Caption Comps

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

What is Jack really thinking?

Annika Gabriella Brink: Know of any leprechaun who might be missing his piece?

Betty Dee "Do I really want to know where this might have been?"

Caption This.

Rachel Trowbridge Top: "You know, just because I shot at one your friends and emotionally damaged the other doesn't mean you should act like this to me!"

Tosh:  John: “You can keep licking away that lip gloss until you're blue in the face sweetheart, it's not going away”

Lionel Whiteley Hey John, do us a favour kiss my Arse.

Annika Gabriella Brink: I have to say it really turns me on to see you handle that stick shift!

Kirsty Price: Whoa Cooper you drive like a spaz!

Betty Dee "Hey, did you win your driving licence in the lottery?"

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