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Profiles Tom Milligan

Tom Milligan

Origin of Species: Human
Episode: Last of the Time Lords
Broadcast: 2007
Danger level: Ally
Played by Tom Ellis

Tom Milligan is a freedom fighter who worked as a paediatric doctor before the reign of the Master in the Year That Never Was.  At a height of 1.90m, he's definitely tall dark and extremely handsome. 
During the Year that Martha spread the word about the Doctor, Milligan was working for the Peripatetic Medical Squad.  His work with this squad allowed him to travel freely without question.  This was the year that Milligan became a freedom fighter.  After Martha returned to Great Britain, Milligan met her off the boat and they instantly hit it off.  Martha found it ironic that once again she was travelling with the doctor, although in a Land Rover and not a TARDIS.

Martha has to make her way back to the Valiant and the Master, so she asks Tom to take her to Professor Docherty who has direct links to the Master after her son is taken by Saxon. 

Laying a trap for the Master, Martha is discovered by Saxon as she hides in Bexley in the slave quarters.  Drawing her out, the Master destroys the bag she carries with her, and as Tom comes out to protect her, he is shot and killed with the laser screwdriver by the Master.

When the time is reset, Martha seeks him out again, as the paediatric doctor. In The Sontaran Stratagem Martha proudly shows off her engagement ring to the Doctor.

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Episode: Last of the Time Lords

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