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Profiles Toclafane


“We like the Mister Master!”

Episode appeared in: Sound of Drums, The Last of the Time Lords
Doctor appeared with: Tenth Doctor
Original Broadcast: 23rd June 2007
Species: Human cyborg/Toclafane
Danger Level: Code RED

The word Toclafane comes from Gallifrey childhood, it was another name for what we on Earth call the bogeyman, a creature born of myths and legends, ideal for scaring children. 

It must have been horrible for the humans to travel in the rocket ship bound for Utopia only to discover that it was nothing like the paradise they had been told of.  At the end of the Universe, there were no stars, there was no daylight and there was no sun.  It was just cold and dark.

When the Master in the stolen TARDIS travelled to Utopia he found the last six billion humans had cannibalised themselves, experimenting on each other in order to preserve life, as food was scarce at the end of the Universe and the darkness, the never ending darkness, was something they strove to escape from.

The Cyborgs as they had now become were spherical in shape, black and silver and when opened up held a self sustaining shrunken head that appeared blind.  The humans had regressed into a childlike state, they each shared each other’s emotions, and when Professor Docherty and Tom Milligan in ‘Last of the Time Lords’ opened up one of the captured spheres, Martha Jones was horrified to discover that the boy she had met upon Malcassairo in Silo 16 was one of the Toclafane.

Standing at a height of 0.04m, the metal sphere appears little more than a miniature ‘Death Star’ but it has many aggressive features.  It has retractable blades and spikes which it uses to attack and kill with.  It also contains lasers which can disintegrate its target. 
When the Master, with the use of the Paradox Machine crafted from cannibalising the Doctor’s TARDIS brought the Toclafane through time itself, he ordered the creatures to decimate 10% of their human ancestors.  

The Master himself wanted to create his own Time Lord Empire, and with the aid of the Toclafane that was a possibility.  The human race became slaves to the Toclafane.  When the Doctor with Jack, Martha and Martha’s family rebelled against the Master’s plans aboard the Valiant, the Doctor was able to reset time, sending the Toclafane back, ultimately to their own deaths at the end of time itself. 

©BBC Doctor Who 1963

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