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Profiles Tish Jones

Tish Jones

Episodes: Smith & Jones, Lazarus Experiment, Sound of Drums, Last of the Time Lords. 
Broadcast: 2007
Height: 1.63m
Friend or foe: Friend
Played by: Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Letitia Jones (Tish) is the eldest of Francine's 3 children.  She dresses to impress and although she's not like Annalise, her dad's new flame, she's not as level headed as Martha, the middle of the three children. Tish is more the child who would do everything by the book whereas Martha is the more practical of the two girls. 
Tish was employed by Lazlabs as a PR for the company but it was through Lazarus's association with Harold Saxon.  She didn't care much for Lazarus, she found the man creepy, and when he transformed into the younger model, she did find him much more attractive.  Although he was a definite turn off when he mutated much later!
Tish is very close to her sister Martha.  When Martha disappeared with the Royal Hope Hospital in 'Smith & Jones' Tish was deeply concerned. 

Tish thought the Doctor a good catch and was shocked by the way her mother reacted towards him on the steps of the function after Lazarus was taken away in the ambulance.

Tish finds it annoying that Martha sees only the bad in people who Tish wants to hook up with.  But given the company that Martha keeps it's easy to see why she'd be cagey. 

In Sound of Drums, Tish is employed as an assistant to Prime Minister Harold Saxon at 10 Downing Street, but this was a mere ploy after Saxon, really the Master had been laying traps for the Doctor since the Racnoss on Christmas Day. 

During her time at Number 10, she was arrested and sent to prison and eventually wound up on the Valiant, where she like her Mum and Dad became servants for the Master.  


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