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Profiles Professor Alison Docherty

Professor Alison Docherty

Species: Human
Place of origin: Earth
Appearance:  Last of the Time Lords
Main actor: Ellie Haddington
Episode Broadcast: 2008

Alison Docherty worked in the Nuclear Plant 7.  She was in her late fifties and would often leak information to the Master about any of the Resistance, in order to keep her son safe.  But there is no evidence as to why her son was taken by the Master or if he is still alive.  

Docherty was a survivor of the Toclafane attack in the Year That Never Was.  When Tom Milligan brought Martha Jones to her laboratory base, Docherty learnt of the gun that would kill the Master but Martha was aware of Docherty as were the Resistance.  Martha said as much when she divulged information to Docherty in order for the Master to capture Martha and take her aboard the Valiant, after of course, destroying the gun that was alleged to 'kill a Time Lord'.  "Know your enemy."

When time reverted back, Martha gave Docherty a bunch of flowers as she walked through a park.  Martha told Docherty that she didn't blame her. Surprised, Alison Docherty was confused by the act of kindness.  


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