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Profiles Lucy Saxon

Lucy Saxon

Origin of Species: Human
Episode: The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lord, returning in Season 4 with End of Time 
Broadcast: 2007
Played by: Alexandra Moen

"I made my choice, for better or for worse.  Isn't that right Harry?"

Lucy came from a good family and went to Roedean an all girl’s school.  She fell for Harold Saxon after he was kind to her father, but she's not the brightest card in the pack and it could be one of the reasons that the Master was able to manipulate her.  A stronger will might have been harder to break in the time it took for the Master to set the traps for the Doctor and prepare for the world for his new Time Lord Empire on Earth with the Toclafane.

Vivian Rook threatened to expose her husband Saxon as a fraud.  Although Lucy herself seemed to know to some extent, that the name Saxon was a cover, it would mean that she would lose the rich lifestyle she was accustomed to.
But judging by the levels of bruises on her in the final episode ‘Last of the Time Lords’, it did appear that the Master treated her badly.

When Lucy shot and killed Saxon on the deck of the Valiant, it’s unclear whether she was still under some form of hypnotic state or in a form of shock at the way she had been treated, and it was her desperate struggle at breaking those bonds. 

In a later season involving Donna, Lucy Saxon is in prison, but seems much stronger than her previous self.  She is aware that some of the prison staff are looking to resurrect the Master after his ring is collected from the funeral pyre, which hadn’t been in as remote a place as we were led to believe.

Similar in ways used to restore Voldemort to a corporeal figure, the Master is returned to life through means of the ring and his last physical connection, Lucy Saxon and the sacrifice of his mortal followers.  A huge explosion during his regeneration however rips through the stone building destroying it fully killing everyone but the Master!


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