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Profiles Francine Jones

Francine Jones

Episode: Smith & Jones, The Lazarus Experiment, 42, The Sound of Drums, Last of the Time Lords, The Stolen Earth
Danger Level: Ally (but depends if you're the Doctor)
Played by Adjoa Andoh
Height: 1.58m

Francine Jones is Martha's mother, she's also Mum to Letisha (Tish) and Leo.  She is separated from her husband Clive who in 'Smith & Jones' was Annalise, a very dippy blonde.  In The Sound of Drums she had encouraged her daughter Martha to come back into the fold after being led to believe after the Lazarus Experiment that the Doctor was not to be trusted. Since then she has had her house calls monitored by Saxon's secret agents, headed by a blonde haired young woman in a power suit.  Also in Sound of Drums, after Clive blurted out to her daughter that they were being monitored and it was a lie that he and Francine were getting back together, both Francine and her family, (not including Leo) were carted off to prison.  Although they hadn't committed any crime, the Master punished them regardless, because of their association with the Doctor and Martha. 
Once aboard the Valiant, Francine saw her daughter Martha teleport from the ship, unaware of where she had gone, she was deeply full of remorse that she hadn't believed her daughter. 

For the year in incarceration, Francine and her family were made slaves to the Master, while Jack Harkness was secured in the cells and the Doctor was a mere 'Dobby' creature in a bird cage.  When the Master was over powered Francine snatched up the gun that the Doctor had knocked from his hand, she aimed it at the Master with all intentions of pulling the trigger.  But as much as she wanted to, she couldn't bring herself to kill another, but she was angry at the way the Master had put her through so much punishment built on lies about the Doctor.  At the end of the episode, she had accepted that the Doctor wasn't as bad as the Master made out, and during the episode Stolen Earth, was less judgemental of her daughter's choice to help save the world, as part of UNIT.

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