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Profiles Clive Jones

Clive Jones

Species: Human, Earth
Episodes appeared in: Smith & Jones, The Sound of Drums, Last of the Time Lords
Episode Broadcast: 2007
Friend or Foe: Friend
Height: 1.75m
Played by: Trevor Laird

Clive Jones is Dad to Martha, Tish and Leo.  He separated from Francine and goes with a young dizzy blonde by the name of Annalise who is about the same age as Martha, in a bid to recapture his youth.  His children love him dearly and often worry about him if he spends time with Francine as it often ends in a row. 

In a bid to draw Martha into a trap, he is encouraged by Saxon’s minions that he and Francine are going to make another go of things.  But when Martha asks him if someone else is in the room, he jumps to his feet and makes a break for freedom, yelling to Martha to 'Just run, listen to me, just run....I don't know who they are, just run!'

It upsets Francine but it upsets Martha even more to know that Harold Saxon would stop at nothing in a bid to use her family against her.

After spending time in prison, Clive and his family are taken aboard the Valiant and put to work as servants to the Master.

Clive is a regular guy, not a freedom fighter but he will protect his family if he thinks they are in danger. 

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