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Profiles Captain John "Vera" Hart

Captain John "Vera" Hart

Species: Doppleganger - of Captain Jack Harkness' dark side
Episodes appeared in: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Fragments, Exit Wounds.
Time zone: 51st century!
Height: 5’ 9”
Ally or Enemy: Good question!
Played by: James Marsters

Captain John Hart is probably not the right person to put all of your trust in especially when you’re dealing with the location of Arcadian diamonds.  However, towards the end of Season 2 ‘Exit Wounds’, John does show some level of promise when after heading to the present day Cardiff, tips off Gwen and explains about Gray, Jack’s brother.  But how much trust could you place in a time agent renowned for visiting rehab more than once in any category, Sex Drugs and Murder?

During their first proper meeting, as Gwen delegated who travelled where in search of the cluster bombs dotted across Cardiff, Captain John Hart had told her that she could call him Vera, as he was captivated by her eyes.

From head to foot Captain Hart is an interesting figure, wearing a Napoleonic military jacket which probably didn’t belong to him, sporting a snakeskin samurai sword which he acquired in Korea after killing someone for it. He wears a dirty white t-shirt that’s really seen better days.  Sports boots from Italy circa 1640 and wears gun holsters that came from the American West.  It’s clear to see that this Captain has really travelled.

His weaponry aside from the Samurai sword also includes a Remington 188 Type 4 which is nickel plated and has pearl grips.  He also carries what appears to be the standard Torchwood firearm the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 4.3.  The Torchwood model has an under barrel accessory which contains the gas canister that creates the muzzle flash on firing.

Later in the episode Exit Wounds, John carries and uses a pair of H&K MP5K-PDW’s.  Different to the standard, these folding stocks have been removed but the back plate is still present.

Another interesting weapon in his arsenal which is less noticeable is the Paralysing lip gloss.  It’s a cosmetic poison.  It’s a great way of slowing down the other person.  There is an antidote but you have to be quick.  Not only does it slow your heart and paralyse your limbs, it can also poison your organs and kill you.  Not nice! Not nice at all!  Captain Hart admitted that he had learnt this trick from Captain Jack Harkness.

Captain John Hart worked as a time agent around the time Jack Harkness was also employed by the organisation.  John proved himself to be a bit of a liability but he was also a good agent.  But he needed to calm down, and the agency thought it might help to put him under the care of Captain Jack Harkness.  They worked well together, although being stuck in a time loop for 5 years might not have cemented their relationship which in real terms had only seen them locked together for 2 weeks. 

When Captain John met up with Captain Jack on top of a high business block, he’d hoped Jack would have been swayed by his old talk of the past, but Jack preferred Cardiff and his team to the romp through the galaxies and their empires.  It would be difficult I would imagine leaving behind the people he cared for to travel once more with a man he no longer trusted. 
Later when he discovered that Jack was immortal John suggested they travel to the Vegas Galaxies where Jack could make a fortune as ‘the man who couldn’t die.’

So what would Captain Hart be doing now, considering his VM (smaller than Jack’s), burnt out when he returned to present day from the time when Jack was buried below what would later become Cardiff.  Would he still be on Earth?  Assuming he wasn’t able to escape the planet, what area of the world would suit a man who loved shiny objects and had penchants for poodles?  Perhaps he’s held up a bank or two? It’s hard to say where he might be, but I’m sure he’ll reappear on our radar sooner or later.

(1-08 RadioTimes interview) 2008
©BBC Torchwood 2006

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