Saturday, 23 August 2014

News Happy Birthday Sandy Deck & Marc Vann

Happy Birthday Sandy Deck & Marc Vann

Allez Gute zum Geburtstag!

Sandy Deck is a fictional writer often with works on our website, involving characters Marie and Gray (Harkness), as well as a fan of Torchwood and squirrels!!! :D 

Marc Vann appeared as Colin Maloney in Miracle Day, but is also known for his role in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as Conrad Ecklie.

Did you know on this day in 2002, Episode 4 of Big Finish audio play Real Time was broadcast?  It starred Colin Baker as the Doctor with companion Evelyn Smythe played by Maggie Stables.  It was written and directed by Gary Russell and produced by James Goss and Jason Haigh-Ellery, and produced for BBC Worldwide by Jacqueline Rayner.
The story was originally a webcast for BBCi and was released on CD on 12th December 2002, but originally broadcast in 6 x 10 min episodes between August 2nd – September 6th, 2002.

The story began on the desert planet of Chronos in the 33rd Century.  Survey teams working for a university had vanished amongst the pyramids on the planet.  Amongst those who have disappeared, one is an expert on cybernetics.  It isn’t long before the Doctor and companion Evelyn learn the deadly truth, that the planet is being used as a base for....Cybermen!

Today is also the launch of the 12th Doctor’s first outing in Deep Breath, on BBC1/BBC1 HD/cinema tonight at 7:50pm. 
It stars Peter Capaldi as the Doctor with Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara Oswin as his companion.  The Doctor discovers a dinosaur stomping around Victorian London and Clara wonders what the Doctor’s regeneration will do to their friendship.

Others celebrating their birthday today are: River Phoenix (1970- 1993), Gene Kelly (1912-1996), Ray Park and Jay Mohr to name but a few.

Have a wonderful day guys!

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  1. Thank you very much for the wonderful wishes! x

  2. You're very welcome, I hope you were able to put your feet up and rest? :D