Sunday, 31 August 2014

Article Cover, Content Guide and Editor's Note

Issue 17

Last of the Time Lords

Content Guide

Editor’s Note

Last of the Time Lords Episode Breakdown
ALS Ice Bucket Challengers

Claire Cage Interview
Rhodri Lewis Interview
Jennifer Ings Interview

Latest WHO Minecraft News
Next Hashtag Event News
Happy Birthday Burn Gorman

iCarly iWho? By DJ Forrest
Pika Who? By DJ Forrest
DW & TW Connections by Mickie Newton

(late entry)

Gadgets & Gizmos
(late entry)

The Coffee Shop
Last of the Time Lords Caption Comp
#BringBackTorchwood event
#IantoJonesDay event
What does Torchwood mean to you?

The Mothership
Profiles – Clive Jones
Lucy Saxon
Tom Milligan
Francine Jones
Prof. Alison Docherty
Tish Jones
The Gemini Contagion Review by DJ Forrest
Target Zone – Carnival of Monsters by Simon Mallinson
Big Finish - Ms Wildthyme at Large by Simon Mallinson
The Devil in Ms Wildthyme by Simon Mallinson
Taking a Deep Breath – Who Review by DJ Forrest
Into the Dalek – Who Review by Jeffrey Zyra
Last of the Time Lords – Who Review by Tom Toaduff
Master Class Pt 3 – The Master Reborn by Tony J Fyler
Hawk Major: The Valiant by DJ Forrest

The Whoniverse Round Up
Round up of the news in August 2014

Editor’s Note

What a busy month as usual, rushed off our feet, enjoying the heat of the Summer sun and feeling the ice cold water soak us to the bone from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenges.  All in all, very busy.

This month saw the loss of Robin Williams an iconic figure in many people’s childhood.  An actor and comedian who made us laugh and cry on equal measures, often crying with laughter.  So many excellent films, too many to remember and list.  I know he’s not part of our genre here, but he deserves a mention, because he meant a lot to me as I was growing up and I will personally miss him a lot.

This month saw four of our writing team getting iced for charity.  Read about that in our Issue this month. 

You’re going to require food parcels and indeed a large flask of coffee.  There is a LOT to read, including a new Page that warranted creating.  Often we find snippets of news that doesn’t warrant an article, especially not for 2 lines.  So The Whoniverse Round Up helped to deliver the short snippets of news we wanted to share with you.  And rounding up August, there were a few short notes we wanted to share with you all.  Also for this Page, if you guys hear of any news items you’d like us to post, then let us know by email, DM or msg on Facebook.

Doctor Who Series 8 finally arrived with a belter of a first episode, second episode Saturday 30th was equally enjoyable, if not just a little bit confusing in places, no doubt it will all make sense when watched again on iPlayer.

We have another two hashtag events this month, be sure to be available for those. 

Penblwydd Hapus Burn Gorman!  Check out your birthday Shout out!!!

Without any further ado – welcome to Issue 17 – Last of the Time Lords


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