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The Mothership Big Finish: Sirens of Time Review by Simon Mallinson

Big Finish: Sirens of Time

Reviewed by Simon Mallinson

This is a new area where we look at stories from the Big Finish range.  I have to admit I came late into listening to these audios, this was radically changed when I went to my first Dimension’s Convention.  I was mugged yes mugged by various people lurking in the Big Finish room, reducing my wallet by a few pound.  I have to give a mention to Jason Haigh-Ellery, David Richardson (shy but very friendly), Nicholas Briggs (Dalek Face), Paul Dinnick (the mugger, but lovely man), the lovely and gorgeous Lisa Bowerman, Alex Mallinson (no relation but a treat to talk to), Rob Shearman and Toby Hadoke.

What to review, well it has to be Sirens of Time which was released on my birthday in 1999, so here it goes.

While Gallifrey is threatened by a fleet of hostile warships outfitted with technology surpassing even that of the Time Lords the Doctor is dealing with a plot to destroy him in his Fifth, Sixth and Seventh incarnations. Each Doctor faces his own trial alone, before coming together in the final episode to confront the Sirens of Time.

As a starter this is a perfect audio, 3 yes 3 Doctors, all my dreams come true.  I always loved the 6th Doctor, yes Colin I am a fan of old Sixie.  Colin never fails to astonish me with his performances and if I close my eyes I can still see that damn coat (Nurse more medicine please).  In his story, he seems to have that old magic that left us all too soon in the 80s, more refined that his earlier days in the role but you can’t help but smile and shout get him Colin.

Sylvester again pulls the story together, and sparks that old feeling of oooh what does he know.  The 7th Doctor always is enjoyable, especially when Sylvester gets to modify the character just enough to make it very believable.  This story does this and goes a long way to recover his image after the film.

The 5th Doctor, Peter Davison always had a slightly raw deal, being a safe Doctor not whacky or strange, grim or shifty.  I have a confession, I spent a long time when I was a kid being grumpy that he took over from Tom Baker, one never gets better than their first Doctor.  I met Peter at a dimensions and asked forgiveness for this, too which he replied, well that happens a lot and you making me feel old mentioning All Creatures Great and Small.  Peter is a perfect professional who has a great ability to show emotion and vulnerability, and still has a twinkle in his eye.  In this story Peter shows even though he hasn’t played the Doctor for a while, he just falls straight into it.

The story itself is very good, it keeps you guessing all the way, and those amongst us that likes to work the plots out, will relish the challenge.  The sound production is of a very high standard, which continues to this day and you will be hungering for more.
Well worth a buy, I am reliably informed by the Big Finish people that the CDs now are finished but this story can still be downloaded from their site.  Please visit and buy, also supporting this company will continue to keep the classics alive.

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