Monday, 28 July 2014

The Coffee Shop Issue 16 The Sound of Drums Caption Comp

Issue 16  Caption Comp

The Sound of Drums

Through the Round Window

~Jack~ Martha senses her dinner won't last the spin cycle

Claudia Lindner: Jack: "Err...Doctor, what do you mean by 'washer-style'?"

Jordanne Waite: Doctor - Don’t I know you? Jack - Oh no put it away please or I’ll just stare. Martha - What on earth is this world coming to?

Rough Ride Through the Vortex

~Jack~: Never time travel after a spicy curry

Claudia Lindner "Ok, the Daily Fail is a shit paper, but I think we now verified it doesn't make it toilet paper".

Christine Hannah Liddle I don't think we read that position in the Karma sutra quite right

Loony Smith Thanks Gallifrey!!! We escaped the wrath of Jedward!!!

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