Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Coffee Shop Ask The Fans! Vote For Saxon!

Ask the fans!

Vote for Saxon!

If you didn’t know Harold Saxon was the Master, would you still vote for him?
Harold Saxon won a landslide victory at the General Election and was sworn in as the Prime Minister of Great Britain.  But what were his policies? Celebrities and politicians couldn’t say enough about him, what he meant to them, yet still there were no clear reasons other than he was cute, and he had their vote.  But what did he stand for? What were his policies?

Given that only a select few knew who this debonair man was, flashing the huge smile, and saying just the right words, the rest of the UK were none the wiser.  He was another politician fighting for a seat at Number 10. 

The Master of course was certain he’d win the election.  After all, he created the Arkangel Telecommunications Network.  It was on every phone, and so there really was no chance he would lose. What with that repetitive 4 beat rat a tat tat tat.....

So if you didn’t know of Harold Saxon’s past, that he was really the Master, an evil Time Lord hell bent on destruction, would you still have voted for him?  We posted this question on our Facebook and Twitter Page and below are some of the responses.  If you want to add yours, please post in the comment box below!

Chris Dodd                Totally ‘Yes!’

Claudia                       Don’t know – anything about his political agenda – apart from destroying the world!

Christine Liddle        Yes *starts randomly tapping 4 beats*

Pauline Howard         Nope

Tal Leavitt Mycroft    At least he gets things done

Caroline Stolze         Tatatatam! Tatatatam!  What?  What was the question?

@Brogalaan              If you had a phone with the Arkangel Network, you would have subconsciously had to.  If you didn’t, no!

@bbwolfgirl11            Why would I vote for him?

Seren Rock                 Nope.  I didn’t like his methods anyway.

@MIP_Charged         Can’t #AmericaFTW!  But if I could...Probably. Mostly because he’s cute!

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