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Issue 15 Utopia Cover Page, Content Guide & Editor's Note

Issue 15

Utopia – Doctor Who featuring Captain Jack Harkness

Our Doc Tied the Knot including
Paul Finds the Right Doctor
Episode Breakdown - Utopia
Father’s Day Collage TW

The Mothership
Master Class Pt 1: A Villain for All Seasons by Tony Fyler
The Rescue Review by Jeffrey Zyra
The Time Meddler Review by Jeffrey Zyra
The War Machines Review by Jeffrey Zyra
The Futurekind Profile by DJ Forrest
Chantho Profile by DJ Forrest
Father’s Day Collage DW
Target Zone:
The Auton Invasion review by Simon Mallinson

Dichen Lachman

The Coffee Shop
Caption Comp
Buffy’s Boys by Kirsty Price

Trace Memory Review by DJ Forrest

Beyond the TARDIS
The Wolfstone Curse Review by DJ Forrest
John Bell – From Who to Hobbit
Who’s Changing: review by Simon Mallinson

Beyond the HUB
Svengali Review by DJ Forrest

Submarine Review by DJ Forrest
Terry and June Doctor Who Mentions and Connections

Gadgets & Gizmos
The Doctor Who Sidestep #1/3: Utopia

Expo & Cons
Motor City by Jennifer Eng
Miracle Day Event Collage – Courtesy Katya Armbruster

Editor’s Note

Well folks it’s that time again, another month upon us and we’ve been uber busy.  Our Doc – John Bond-Winstone got married on 6th June, in a wonderful ceremony in Tredegar – read about it in our Article section. 

The horror film I’ve been busy with, growling and groaning as any zombie does, or any human does waking up early and not enjoying those rich coffee beans aroma had its showdown on Friday – a zombie apocalypse in SW Scotland no less.  An awesome time had by all.  Check out the details on the Infinity Films Website http://infinity-films.co.uk/   you’ll even see a few shots of me, if you can identify me through the zombie make up – so long as you can handle blood and gore!!!

This month we move into Doctor Who which follows on neatly from End of Days back in June, and catches up with a few familiar faces, and introduces us to a few new ones.  The Mothership has been busy this month with Who Reviews and a few Profiles of characters, look out for those, we’ll be creating more of these in the coming months, for both Torchwood & Doctor Who, plus an insight into one of the stars of Utopia – John Bell, the young Scottish actor who played Creet.

We have a fantastic interview with Dichen Lachman who gives us an insight into her role as producer for her new film ‘Lust for Love’ and about her characters before and since Torchwood.  See Interviews

We have a new writer onboard this month.  Tony Fyler.  Tony who has been a fan of Doctor Who since episode 1 of Destiny of the Daleks, is founder and editor in chief of Jefferson Franklin, a website that edits book – fiction and non-fiction for authors and would-be authors of all ages.  http://jefferson-franklin.co.uk/   Tony is covering the many faces of The Master in a three part article starting this month in The Mothership.  Definitely worth a read!

Our Toshiko has been busy this month with Cover art and articles, please find the time to read about the Connections and Gadgets & Gizmos articles, these are so informative, ideal if you want to add to your knowledge of Who and especially Torchwood, she’s really been sifting through the Archives this month.  It did need a cleaning up!

So without further ado...

Welcome to July’s Issue 15


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