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Articles The Sound of Drums Episode Breakdown by DJ Forrest

The Sound of Drums Episode Breakdown
By DJ Forrest

Writer: Russell T Davies
Director: Colin Teague
Broadcast: 23rd June 2007
Music by: Murray Gold
Additional music by: Rogue Traders

The Doctor, Jack and Martha arrive back in present day Earth in a back alley.
   “Time travel outside a capsule, that’s a killer.”  Announces the Doctor as he straightens up, popping his joints back into place.  The trio walk along the pavement as Jack notes how lucky they were arriving back in present day.  The Doctor tells him it wasn’t luck. 
A flashback to the Silo 16, as the weight of the Futurekind were bearing down on them, the Doctor with his sonic screwdriver fixes Jack’s VM and programmes it to transport, him, Jack and Martha back to present day Earth. 
Martha is sure the Master with the TARDIS could be anywhere in time and space, but the Doctor assures her that he’s on Earth.  As they discuss the Master, while seated on a bench in the centre of a pedestrian walkway, the Doctor notes black and white posters urging people to VOTE SAXON in large black letters.  A homeless man taps a coin against a battered metal cup, a 4 rhythm beat, over and over again.
Jack gives Martha a brief history of regeneration processes, the changing face, the becoming a new man.  Martha questions how they will find the Master, but the Doctor yet again assures her, that no matter what he looks like, he’ll know him.
Looking around the buildings, Martha spies the election posters and realises that they missed the elections.  It dawns on her then where she had heard that voice.
A televised broadcast distracts shoppers, and they all gather around the large television screen outside a large building.  Walking down the steps, smiling and waving and holding hands with a beautiful blonde is a familiar face.
   “That’s him – he’s Prime Minister.  The Master is Prime Minister of Great Britain.  The Master and his wife?”  The Doctor is startled.
The Master speaks to the gathered crowd, halfway down the steps.
   “This country has been sick.  This country needs healing.  This country needs medicine.  In fact I’d go as far as to say that what this country...really needs....right a Doctor!”  He smiles broadly into the camera.

The Master gathers the folders from various people as he walks into the cabinet office and closes the door behind him.  He addresses those seated around the table, his new team, who jumped ship from their own parties and joined the Saxon bandwagon. 
   “The Government rebuilt, the cabinet in session, let the work begin!”  The Master announces tossing the folders into the air, scattering important documents hither and thither.
He takes a seat after addressing the men and women about the table and slips on a gas mask.  His reward to his new members of staff is to gas them all.  While they gasp their last he drums his fingers on the table, in a four beats rhythm.

Martha is glad to be home.  The Doctor asks for a computer or laptop, anything.  Jack is concerned that he can’t locate his team as there’s no reply.  Martha digs out her laptop and hands it to the Doctor.  Jack takes the laptop from the Doctor and heads to the table to set it up.
   “I can show you the Saxon website.  He’s been around for ages.”
   “That’s so weird though, as the day after the election, that’s only four days after I met you!”  Martha exclaims.
   “We’ve been flying all around the Universe while he’s been here all the time.”  The Doctor realises.
   “You going to tell us who he is?” Martha says
   “He’s a Time Lord.”
   “And the rest.  Who calls them self the Master?”
   “That’s all you need to know.”  The Doctor turns to Jack. “Come on, show me Harold Saxon.”
Martha checks her telephone messages, switching off Tish’s good news about the job with the government.

Vivian Rook enters boldly into the ministerial office despite protestations from Tish that she can’t enter the private room where Lucy Saxon is resting.  But Vivian in her capacity as journalist, looking to do a piece on the woman behind the man, Harold Saxon continues to the door, ushering Tish out once she convinces Lucy that, the angle the paper are looking for is all about the First Lady.  Once Tish is neatly out of the way, Vivian gets down to business, explaining in no uncertain terms, that Lucy’s husband is a fraud.  She backs up her story by showing Lucy documents of Harold’s past, and how his past is a complete fake. 
   “Former Minister of Defence, first came to power when he shot down the Racnoss on Christmas Eve.”  Jack says, before turning to commend the Doctor on a job well done. 
   “He goes back years. Everyone knows his story.  Look.  Cambridge University, rugby blue, won the athletics scene, wrote a novel, went into business, marriage, everything.  He’s got a whole life.”

Lucy Saxon has been brainwashed by Harold Saxon, and sensing her husband in the room while Vivian keeps pushing for Lucy to react and expose her husband as the fraud he is, Lucy tells Vivian that she’s made her choice and she will stand by him. Vivian is taken by surprise, and hurriedly collects her papers, apologising.  But Saxon can’t let her leave, she knows too much already.  After admitting that she’s right, that he is a fraud, he lets the Toclafane loose on the journalist, while he and Lucy leave the room but listen outside the door, in an almost comical manner.
Lucy is worried that Vivian might have set their plans back for the Archangel Network but the Master assures her all will go ahead as planned and comforts her in a loving embrace.
   “Tomorrow morning, I promise.  That’s when everything ends.”

   “But he’s got the TARDIS.”  Says Jack straining a teabag as he makes a brew in the kitchen.  “Maybe the Master went back in time and has been living here for decades”
   “Why not, worked for me.” 
   “When he was stealing the TARDIS, the only thing I could do was use the co-ordinates.  I locked them permanently.  He can only travel between the year one hundred trillion and the last place I was at which is right here right now.”
   “Yeah but a little leeway?”
   “Well...18 months.  But how has he managed all this.  The Master was always hypnotic but this is on a massive scale.”
   “I was going to vote for him.”  Martha declares.
   “Well it was before I’d met you.  And I liked him.”
   “Me too.” Admits Jack.
   “Why do you say that?  What was his policy, what did he stand for?”
   “I don’t know...he always sounded good....”  begins tapping a 4 beat rhythm against the arm of the chair as she talks“And you could trust him.  Just nice.  He spoke about....I can’t really remember, but it was good...Just the sound of his voice....”
   “What’s that?”  The Doctor points noticing Martha tapping.
   “That...that clapping, that rhythm, what are you doing?”
   “I don’t know.  It’s nothing...I don’t know.”
Suddenly the sound of horns blared from the laptop and Saxon was broadcasting across all frequencies.  The Doctor leapt towards the tv and switched it on.
   “Our Lord and Master is speaking to his kingdom.”
   “Britain, Britain, Britain, what extraordinary times we’ve had.  Just a few years ago this world was so small and then they came out of the unknown, falling from the skies.  You’ve seen it, Big Ben destroyed, the spaceship over London, all those ghosts and metal men, the Christmas star, came to kill.  Time and time again and the government told you nothing.  Well not me, not Harold Saxon, because my purpose here is to tell you this.  Citizens of Great Britain, I have been contacted, a message for humanity from across the stars.”
   “People of the Earth, we come in peace – we bring great gifts, we bring technology, wisdom and protection and all we ask in return is your friendship.”
The Master chuckles.  “Sweet!  And this species has identified itself, they’re called the Toclafane.”
   “WHAT?” Says the Doctor in disbelief.
   “And tomorrow morning they will appear.  Not in secret, but to all of you.  Diplomatic relations with a new species will begin.  Tomorrow we take our place in the Universe.  Every man, woman and child, every teacher and chemist, and lorry driver, and farmer, oh I don’t know, every medical student?”
Alarm bells ring inside the Doctor’s head and he pulls the television around.  Strapped to the back of the box is a large detonator counting down to zero.  With only a few remaining seconds, the Doctor screams OUT, and all three escape with the laptop out of the flat and out into the street, just as the top window blows out, showering glass particles to the ground. 
The Doctor calls to each of them asking if they’re ok, but Martha doesn’t answer.  Knowing she’s just been attacked she worries for her family.  Her mother answers the phone, calm as usual.  She tells Martha to come on over, she has news that will rock her world.  Her dad and Mum are going to try and make another go of things.  Francine hands the phone to her ex husband to verify the earth shattering news.  He tells Martha it’s true, but still not believing him, Martha asks if others are in the room.  Clive confirms her suspicions.  He tells her to RUN and run she does, towards Francine’s house.  But it’s too late, the armed police under instruction from a blonde haired woman in a business suit have carted her parents off to the police van.  Along the way Martha hears her sister yelling down the phone as two secret service agents carry Tish back up the stairs, causing her to drop her phone in the process.
   “It’s your fault.  It’s all your fault.”  Martha snaps at the Doctor as she drives towards her Mums house. But Martha can do nothing to help them, and with the Doctor and Jack giving instruction, she reverses her car and leaves the scene, losing only the back window. 

Walking away from the car parked the other side of an under pass, the Doctor calls for Martha to hurry up.  Martha has one last call to make.  Leo is in Brighton with Boxer, Martha insists he stays there and doesn’t return to London, it’s not safe. She tells him to tell no-one that he’s there. 
The Master listens in to the conversation and intercepts the call.  “Oooh nice little game of hide and seek.  I love that, but I’ll find you Martha Jones.  Been a long time since we saw each other, must be what, one hundred, trillion years?”
   “Let them go Saxon!  LET THEM GO!”  Martha yells into the phone.  The Doctor hurries over and takes the phone from Martha while the Master revels in Martha’s misery.
   “I’m here.”  The Doctor says, walking away from Martha and Jack.  The smile fades from the Master’s face and he quickly retrieves his phone from inside his jacket pocket, taking the call more privately between the pair.
   “Doctor.”  He whispers
   “I like it when you use my name.”
   “You chose it.  Psychiatrists field day!”
   “As you chose yours.  The man who makes people better, how sanctimonious is that?”
   “So, Prime Minister?”
   “I know.  It’s good isn’t it?”
   “Look, those creatures, there’s no such thing as the Toclafane, that’s a made up name like the bogeyman.”
   “Do you remember all those fairy tales of the Toclafane when we were kids?  Back home, where is it Doctor?”
   “How can Gallifrey be gone?”
   “It burned.”
   “And the Time Lords?”
   “Dead.  And the Daleks.  What happened to you?”
   “The Time Lords only resurrected me because they knew I made the perfect warrior for the Time War.  I was there when the Dalek Emperor took control of the Crucible.  I saw it, I ran.  I ran so far.  Made myself human, so they would never find me, because....I was so scared.”
   “I know.”  The Doctor sympathises.
   “All of them?  But not you...which must mean...”
   “I was the only one who could end it.  And I tried, I did, I tried everything.”
   “What did it feel like though?  Two almighty civilisations burning.  Ohh tell me how did that feel?”
   “Stop it.”
   “You must have been like a god?”
   “I’ve been alone ever since.  But not anymore.  Don’t you see, all we’ve got is each other.”
   “Are you asking me out on a date?”
   “We can stop this right now if we leave this planet.  We can fly across the constellation if that’s what you want, but not Earth.”
   “Too late.”
   “Why do you say that?”
   “Because of the drumming.  Can’t you hear it?  I thought it would stop but it never does.  Never stops...It’s in my head, Doctor, the constant drumming.”
   “I could help you, please let me help.”
   “It’s everywhere. Listen...listen...LISTEN.”  The Master drums on the table the 4 beat rhythm“Here come the drums!  Here come the drums!”
As if by some level of telepathic link the message, the drumming has filtered into everyone’s head, those who are not with the trio.  A lad with head phones on who leans against a wall, claps his hands against his knees to the rhythm of the 4 beat drumming.
   “What have you done – tell me?”  The Doctor begs.  “How have you done this? What are those creatures, TELL ME?”
   “Oh look you’re on tv!”  The Master notices.
   “Stop it, answer me!”
The Master is serious and indicates to a news feed on his own television.  Three figures, the Doctor, Jack and Martha all wanted by the police.
   “You and your band which is ticking every demographic box, so congratulations on that.  Oh there you are!”  He laughs finally seeing them from his vantage point. “You’re public enemy’s number one, two and three.  And you can tell handsome Jack that I’ve sent his little gang off on a wild goose chase to the Himalayas, so you won’t be getting any help from them.  Now go on, off you go.  Why not, stop...and turn...right...”
The Doctor does as he’s told and spots the CCTV camera high above them.  The Master could see them all along.  Quickly he destroys the camera using his sonic.
   “He can see us.”  He tells the others.
   “Ooh you public menace.  You’d better start running.  Go on RUN!”
   “He’s got control of everything.” 
   “What do we do?”
   “We’ve got nowhere to go!”  Jack says.
   “Run.”  The Doctor puts the phone away and all three run through the arcade and out of sight.

   “Tomorrow morning the world will be welcoming an extra terrestrial species.”  Says one news reader.
   “The President is going to be furious that Great Britain has taken unilateral actions.”  Says Trinity Wells for ANNM news.

The Master laughs at Tinky Winky, Teletubby as it dances in a tutu on the television screen.  A Toclafane appears above the table and hovers.  The Master is amazed by the idea of a television in the stomach of the figure.
   “Is the machine ready?”
   “Tomorrow morning.  It reaches critical at 08:02 precisely.” The Master says looking away from the creature.
   “We have to escape because it’s coming sir, the darkness, the never ending darkness.  The terrible, terrible cold.  We have to run and run and run.” The Toclafane begs in a desperate childish voice.
   “Eight o’clock tomorrow morning.  Tell your people, the world is waiting.”

In a disused warehouse, Martha crosses the damp floor with a carrier bag of hot chips wrapped individually.  The Doctor and Jack are sat near an empty oil drum now used as a brazier, throwing out a little heat in the damp, dank shelter.  The Doctor looks up as Martha returns.
   “How was it?”
   “I don’t think anyone saw me.”
After Martha sits down after issuing the chips out, she looks towards Jack to ask the question about the Master.
   So Doctor, who is he?  How come the ancient society of Time Lords created a psychopath?”
   “And what’s he to you, a colleague?”
   “Friend at first.”
   “Thought you were going to say he was your secret brother or something.”
A moment of ‘hold your breath’ silence as all eyes rested on Martha.  The Doctor relaxed.
   “You’ve been watching too much tv.”
   “Of all the legends of Gallifrey, you made it sound so perfect.”
   “Well perfect to look at maybe, and it was, it was beautiful.  We used to call it the Shining Star of the Seven Systems, along the Continent of Wild Endeavour, in the mountains of Solace and Solitude, there stood the citadel of the Time Lords, the oldest and most mighty race in the Universe.  Looking down on the galaxies below, sworn never to interfere, only to watch.  Children of Gallifrey taken from their families at the age of 8, went to the Academy.  Some say it’s where it all began, when he was a child, that’s when the Master saw eternity.  As a novice he was taken for initiation.  He stood in front of the Untempered Schism, it’s a gap in the fabric of reality in which you can see the Vortex.  You stand there, 8 years old, staring at the raw power of time and space.  Just a child!  Some would be inspired, some would run away and some would go mad!”
   “What about you?”
   “Oh the one that ran away.  I never stopped!”
Jack sat up setting his chips down.  “Encrypted channel with files attached.  Don’t recognise it.”  Jack broke the news he’d been dreading, unsure how the Doctor would react to it.  “While we’re telling stories, I’m...there’s something I haven’t told you.”  Jack hit a button on the laptop and revealed the Torchwood logo, the Doctor’s face grew stern and bitter.  He knew the old Torchwood and anything that came with it was not to be trusted.
  You work for Torchwood?”
   “I swear to you it’s different.  It’s changed.  There’s only half a dozen of us now.”
   “Everything that Torchwood did and you’re a part of it?”
   “The old regime was destroyed at Canary Wharf, I rebuilt it.  I changed it.  And when I did that, I did it in your honour.”
The Doctor pauses a moment, still annoyed that Jack hadn’t told him, still with a bitter taste in his mouth about Torchwood, he presses the button to hear the message.

Vivian Rook addresses them in a pre recorded message, in case she didn’t make it back in time.  Given she was murdered by the Toclafane, the details regarding Harold Saxon and the Archangel Network are there in full detail for the Doctor and gang to read.
   “Take a look at the Archangel Network.”  She says.  “That’s when it all started.  When Saxon became Minister in charge of launching the Archangel Network.”
   “What’s the Archangel network?” Asks the Doctor.
   “I’ve got the Archangel Network.”  Says Martha handing over her phone.  “Everyone’s got it.”
   “It’s a mobile phone network, cos look,”  Says Jack.  “It’s gone worldwide.  They’ve got 15 Satellites in orbit.  Even the other networks are all carried by Archangel.”
   “It’s in the phones.”  The Doctor finally realises how the 4 beat rhythm is transmitted, through the phones.  “I said he was clever.  Wait...WAIT.”  He scans the phone with his sonic screwdriver and thumps the phone on the side of the makeshift table, the bleeping registers loud and clear.  “There it is, that rhythm it’s everywhere, gnawing at your subconscious.”
   “What is it, mind control?”
   “Subtler than that.  The same question contained in that rhythm, layered as code. ‘Vote Saxon, believe in me.’ Whispering to the world.  Ahh yes, that’s how he hid himself from me, because I should have sensed another Time Lord and I should have known way back.  This cancelled him out.”
   “Can you make it stop?” Jack says.
   “Not from down here, and now we know how he’s doing it.”
   “We can fight back.”
   “Oh yes.”

Using the three TARDIS keys the Doctor crafts a simple perception filter on the backs of each of them, and threads string through each of them so that they can be worn as chains around their necks.  He proves the simplicity of it to Martha, firstly before the chain is put over his head, Martha sees him perfectly clear, then with the chain on and it shifts her perception.  She can’t explain it, she can see him, but she doesn’t want to see him.  He explains it even better for her.
   “It’s like when you fancy someone and they don’t even know you exist.”

Still night time, the trio walk slowly along the quiet streets where only a few pedestrians are walking in the opposite direction.  Each hold their key and string chain in their hands, ready to lift over their heads, ready to blend into the shadows.

   “And as the eyes of the world turn to Great Britain sources indicate that Air Force One has landed on British soil tonight.”  The Newscaster reveals.

On a private airfield surrounded by military personnel the Air Force One plane taxi’s along the runway.  President Winters makes his way across the tarmac towards Prime Minister Harold Saxon and his wife and entourage.  Behind them, against the backdrop of rubber strips, the trio watch without making any sudden movements or sounds.
The Master salutes the President, but Winters is less than courteous.  He sees the Prime Minister as an oaf.
   “Mr Saxon, the British Army will stand down.  From now on UNIT has control of this operation.”
   “You make it sound like an invasion.”  Saxon jokes.
   “First contact policy was decided by the Security Council in 1968.  And you’ve just gone and ignored it.”
   “You know what it’s like, new job, all that paperwork.  I think it’s down the back of the settee.  I did have a quick look.  I found a pen, a sweet, a bus ticket...and er...have you met the wife?”  Mrs Saxon smiled at Winters, politely.
   “Mr Saxon, I’m not sure what your game is but there are provisions at the UN to have you removed from office unless you’re very careful, is that understood?”
Saxon demonstrates zipping his mouth shut.
   “Are you taking this seriously?”
The Master nods slowly.
   “To business.”  Winters says.  “We’ve accessed your files on these Toclafane.  First contact can’t take place on any sovereign soil.  To that purpose the aircraft carrier The Valiant is en route, rendezvous will take place there at 8am.”
The Master mumbles with a zipped mouth, which irks the president further.  The Master unzips his mouth.  “So America is completely in charge?”
   “Since Britain elected an ass, yes.  I’ll see you onboard the Valiant.”
   “It still will be televised though?  Well, cos I promised and the whole world is watching.”
   “Since it’s too late to pull out, the world will be watching – ME!”  He storms off.
   “The last president of America.”  The Master grins to his wife.  “We have a private plane ready and waiting, we should reach the Valiant within the hour.”
Lucy heads towards the waiting car, Saxon holds back, awaiting his guests.  He turns to face the Doctor, aware something is there, but says and does nothing about it.  He heads towards his car as a police van screams past and parks.  The Jones family has arrived.  Saxon leaps about laughing and clapping with glee.
Martha feels sick, but the Doctor gently takes her arm instructing her to remain still.
   “I’m going to kill him.”  She swears, gritting her teeth.
   “I say we use this perception filter, walk up behind him and break his neck!”  Jack puts in.
   “Well that sounds like Torchwood.”  The Doctor adds.
   “Still a good plan!”
   “He’s a Time Lord, which makes him my responsibility.  I’m not here to kill him, I’m here to save him.”
Jack keys in co-ordinates on his VM.  “Aircraft carrier Valiant.  I’d say UNIT ship, 58.2 North, 0.2 East...”
   “How do we get onboard?”  Martha asks
   “Does that thing work as a teleport?”
   “Since you revamped it yeah.  Co-ordinates set.”
All three teleport aboard the Valiant.  It’s another uncomfortable neck cracking, joint popping trip.  The skies are brighter through the porthole window as Martha looks out.  It’s also nowhere near a sea, which confuses her greatly.
   “A ship for the 21st century protecting the skies of planet Earth.”

On the deck of the Valiant , President Winters is briefing his staff, as the Master and his wife arrive.  Saxon offers his services, but is refused and takes a seat beside his wife at the large table.  He proudly shows off the Valiant to her.
   “It’s good isn’t it?”
   “It’s beautiful.”
   “Some of my best work.  Ministry of Defence.  I helped design this place.  Every detail.”

Along the lower level metal walkways the Doctor, Jack and Martha ran, in search of the Master and a way up towards the top deck.  The Doctor shushed them, but Martha was desperate to find her family.  Suddenly the Doctor took a different route down a flight of stairs, the two followed after him.  They ran along level 4 and pulled open the double doors, all three were amazed but relieved to find the TARDIS in the storage hold.  However their relief turns to horror when entering the ship, the Doctor sees that the Master has tampered with her internal shell and cannibalised the ship.  He instructs Martha and Jack to touch nothing.

   “Two minutes everyone.” 
On deck, the time has almost arrived for the Toclafane to appear.  President Winter takes his position on the steps, the Master offers Lucy a Jellybaby and promptly pops one into his own mouth, ready to watch the floor show.

In the TARDIS, the Doctor taps the gauge at the side of the Machine that throws a red glow across the entire interior of the ship.
   “As soon as it hits Red, it activates.  It just needs a trigger.  Two minutes past eight.”
   “First contact is at 8, then later...”
   “What’s it for, what does a paradox machine do?”
   “More importantly, can you stop it?”
   “When I find out what it’s doing.  Press the wrong bit it’ll blow up the solar system.”
   “Then we’ve got to get to the Master.”
   “Yep.  How are we going to stop him?”
   “Oh I’ve got a way.  Sorry didn’t I mention it?”

As the news was broadcast across the world, the President prepares to speak to the Nation.
   “My fellow Americans, patriots, people of the world, I stand before you today as Ambassador for humanity, a role I will undertake with the utmost solemnity.  Perhaps our Toclafane cousins can’t offer us much but what’s important is not that we gain material benefits but that we learn to see ourselves anew.  For as long as man has looked to the stars, he has wondered what mysteries they hold.  Now we know we are not alone.”
Jack, Martha and the Doctor enter quietly onto the deck and stay at the back of the room, gauging the mood and where the Master and his wife are situated.  Jack curious of the Doctor’s plans asks him and is told that the Doctor aims to put his own key over the head of the Master revealing his true self.  But if he fails, he knows that both Martha and Jack have a key, and that they’ll know what to do.

It’s time for the Toclafane to appear, and appear they do, appearing out of nowhere and hovering around Winter’s head. 
   “My name is Arthur Coleman Winters, President Elect of the United States of America, designated representative of the United Nations.  I welcome you to the planet Earth and its associated moon.”
   “You’re not the Master.  We like the Mister Master.  We don’t like you!”  The Toclafane says.
   “I...can be master if you so wish.  I will accept master over you if that is God’s will.”
   “Man is stupid.  Master is our friend.  Where’s my Master, pretty please?”

Watching from the side, the Master revelled in the President’s failure at winning over the Toclafane, as he knew he would and rose to his feet.
   “Alright then, it’s me.  Ta da!”  he says, entering centre stage.  “Sorry sorry, I have this effect.  People just get a bit obsessed.  Is it the smile, is it the aftershave?  Is it the capacity to laugh at myself?  No, I don’t know, it’s crazy.”
   “Saxon, what are you talking about?” 
   “I’m taking control Uncle Sam, starting with you.”  Saxon replies before instructing the Toclafane to take out the President.  “Kill him.”
The Toclafane selects laser fire and disintegrates the President.  Horror across the deck and the people below on planet Earth.  The cameras are still rolling. The Doctor is torn, unable to reach the Master, the US security team wave weapons to keep everyone back. 
Laughing, Saxon mounts the steps and leans forward, gripping hold of the railings as he stares into the camera.
   “Now then, people’s of the Earth.  Please attend carefully.”  The Doctor rushes towards the Master.  “STOP HIM.”  The Doctor makes it no further as two men grab him and bring him to his knees.”
   “We meet at last Doctor.  Ho ho I love saying that.”  Saxon laughs.
   “Stop this. STOP IT NOW.” Pleads the Doctor.
   “As if the perception filter was going to work on me.  And look, it’s the girly and the freak, although I’m not sure which ones which.”
Jack charges towards the Master but one shot from Saxon’s screwdriver and Jack hits the floor – DEAD!
   “Laser Screwdriver – who’d have sonic?  And the good thing is he’s not dead for long, I get to kill him again.”
   “Master, just look at what you’re doing, just stop.  If you could see yourself...” 
    “Oh do excuse me.  A little bit of business, back in a minute.  Let him go.”  The Doctor yells as the security force push him to the ground.
Sitting up the Doctor offers to help the Master deal with the drumming.  Any attempt possible to stop the atrocities that he knows only too well will occur, if he can’t find some way of revealing the Master’s true self.
   “Oh how to shut him up...I know...memory lane.”  Says Saxon crouching to the Doctor’s level.  “Professor Lazarus, remember him, with his genetic manipulation device, what did you think, Tish got that job merely by coincidence? I’ve been laying traps for you all this time.  And if I can concentrate all that Lazarus technology into one little screwdriver...oh if only I had the Doctor’s biological code...oh wait a minute... I do!” 
Saxon reveals the hand in the jar that Jack had brought with him in Malcassairo, secured in a metal attaché case.
   “I’ve got his hand.  And if Lazarus made himself younger, what if I reverse it, hundred years?”  Saxon aims and fires the laser screwdriver at the Doctor and manipulates his age.  The Time Lord screams as he ages.
 Jack has come back to life and instructs Martha to teleport, using his VM.
   “I can’t.”  She says casting a look towards the elderly Time Lord.
   “We can’t stop him.  Get out of here.  Get out!”
The Doctor collapses as the laser torture ends.  Martha goes to him.  The Doctor is now a very elderly man.  But the fun isn’t over.  The Master has another surprise, this time for Martha.
   “Tonight Martha Jones, we’ve flown them in, all the way from prison.”
The doors open and her family hand cuffed are ushered into the room, Francine in tears apologising for everything she put her daughter through in her association with the Doctor.
   “The Toclafane, what are they?”  The Doctor asks again.
   “Doctor, if I told you the truth, your hearts would break.”
The Toclafane become excited.  “Is it time? Is it really?  Is the machine singing?”
The Master checks his watch and looks towards the camera. 
   “So Earthlings...basically...end of the world.”  He raises his laser screwdriver, activating the paradox machine“HERE..COME..THE DRUMS.”

Rogue Trader belt out the hit single ‘Voodoo Child’ across the deck as the Paradox Machine activates.  A tear across the skies releases the six billion Toclafane through time into the present.  The Master leaps up the steps to watch the glorious moment. 
The Toclafane lock on target to people below who stare up at the black clouds hurtling towards Earth.
  “Shall we decimate them?  That sounds good.  I like the word decimate.  Remove one tenth of the population.”

Martha tearfully looks at the Doctor before getting to her feet.  She looks from Jack to her family knowing there is nothing more she can do, and teleports off the Valiant.  The Doctor looks over towards Jack, before returning his gaze towards the Master. 

Martha lands on grassland and rolls to a stop.  As she gets to her feet she sees the destruction for herself, as the spherical creatures zoom past her, blasting their lasers towards everything around them.  Still wearing her perception filter she’s unseen by them. 
   “I’m coming back!”  she says defiantly.

Standing at the window staring down at the world below them, the Doctor feels helpless as the planet he loves so much is being butchered by the spheres. 
   “And so it came to pass that the human race fell and the Earth was no more.  And I looked upon my new dominion as Master of all and I thought it...good!”

Next Month – Final Episode – Last of the Time Lords.

©BBC Doctor Who 1963

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