Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Articles Cover, Content Guide, Editor's Note Issue 16 - The Sound of Drums

Issue 16

The Sound of Drums

Cover, Content Guide,
Editor’s Note

The Sound of Drums Episode Breakdown

Is This Another Sontaran Invasion?

The Coffee Shop
Caption Comp
Ask the Fans – Harold Saxon – Would you vote for him?
Antje Strauch – Visit to the studio

The Mothership
The Ark Review Jeffrey
The Gunfighters Review Jeffrey
When Peter Became Colin by Jeffrey Zyra
Target Zone – Brain of Morbius by Simon Mallinson
Big Finish – Sirens of Time by Simon Mallinson
The Toclafane Profile by DJ Forrest
Master Class Part 2: Tony Fyler
When Peter becomes Colin – Jeffrey Zyra

Beyond the Hub
The Book of Beasts Review by DJ Forrest
 ‘You Raise Me Up’ Album launch by DJ Forrest

Doctor Who & Torchwood Connections – The Sound of Drums
by Mickie Newton
Jonathan Creek Connections by DJ Forrest

Gadgets & Gizmos
The Doctor Who Sidestep #2 by Mickie Newton

Expo & Cons
Stormtrooper352 Meets Barrowman at Album Signing

 Editor’s Note

So another month is almost over and what a month it’s been.  In July we held a competition in conjunction with The Craft Mill UK Etsy Page and one lucky winner - @HotCuteGrlyGeek collected 2 FREE PRINTS of her choice.  Congratulations to you!
Also with the Craft Mill we had a BOGOF offer that gained a lot of interest, to the site, I hope you all grabbed a bargain. 

Wonder what will happen this month?

The month of July was also the hottest for a long time and our office smells strongly of Strawberry Ice cream and sunblock.  We also discovered just what a weevil looks like without its shiny blue overall – let’s just say, I now drink my coffee black...on account that it curdled the milk!!!

We’ve also been very busy, avoiding sunburn and battling hayfever but have brought you another fantastic Issue.  Again another delve into Doctor Who, a Sidestep as it were from the norm, but a continuation of a story with Captain Jack Harkness. 

We have a Bumper Barrowman filled Issue with comments and articles relating to the launch of ‘You Raise Me Up’ and the last in the trilogy of Hollow Earth – ‘The Book of Beasts’.  Be sure to look out for those.

Also our Mothership page has some fantastic Who reviews from episodes of the Classic series as well as a look into that arch nemesis of the Doctor – The Master.  Simon Mallinson also reviews another Target novel and also the first ever Big Finish audio.

As ever we’re looking for contributors to the site, so if you’re ever interested in writing an article or two, putting a story together involving a Doctor of your choosing, or fancy writing about Captain Jack’s Time Agent years, then please get in touch by emailing us at the usual address – see Contact Page, DM us or message us on Facebook. 

So without further ado, as I’ve prattled enough already...

Welcome to Issue 16


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