Monday, 30 June 2014

The Mothership Target Zone: Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion 006

Target Zone July 2014

Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion  006

Reviewed by Simon Mallinson
ISBN 0 426 11295 4

In this first adventure of this third ‘incarnation’, Doctor Who, Liz Shaw and the Brigadier grapple with the nightmarish invasion of the Autons – living, giant sized, plastic modelled ‘humans’ with no hair and sightless eyes; waxwork replicas and tailor’s dummies whose murderous behaviour is directed by the Nestine Consciousness – a malignant, squid like monster of cosmic proportions and indescribable hideous appearance.  Welcome to Jon Pertwee’s first story. 

Hold on you say, that’s Spearhead from Space, ahh, but this is Target, where at times stories change their names.  Confused, well as a bairn I was, so you’re in good company.

Imagine you haven’t seen the story on TV, if you do this then you will be in for a treat with this one.  It has everything.  UNIT, plastic dolls, a slightly crazed Doctor and the creepiest factory you have ever imagined.  Oh don’t forget the squid monster mmm tasty!

Terrance Dicks is in his element with this book.  Maybe he thought, let’s do the book like we wanted to do the show.  The TV episode is very good, always love the Brigadier and any story which he is in always makes me happy.  Liz Shaw, the forerunner of the sexy Martha Jones, yes they are both very intelligent and very, very sexy.  Okay, maybe I have a thing for intelligent women.

If you have watched the show then when reading this book you will see them come off the page in front of you, saying ‘yes, we were good and deserve to be seen as such’.

So do join the Brig, Liz and the Doctor, on this fun adventure and lose yourself for a few hours, go on, you know it makes sense.

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