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Interviews Dichen Lachman Interview

Interview with Dichen Lachman

Hi Dichen. Thank you so much for the interview.  When you were growing up, who inspired you, who was your role model or your idol?

Dichen: My mother and father were inspiring to me. They taught me how to work hard, and to believe in myself.

If you could ever meet your 12 year old self, what would you tell her?

Dichen: Don't be so hard on yourself. Read more books, you can never read enough.

Your role as Katya lasted for 14 months, I remember the episodes well, with Rachel and Zeke my two favourite youngsters.  You had some powerful storylines. Will Katya ever return to Neighbours?

Dichen: I don't see that happening. But if they wanted me to do something on the show, I would be very happy to make an appearance. That show taught me a lot. So did the people there and I'm very appreciative.

I read in an interview with Alan Dale a while ago that no matter what role he is in, people always refer to him as Jim Robinson, from Neighbours.  No matter how many years ago that had been, and for a character who really wasn’t in the series all that much.  The show itself has a huge following, and many of the cast who have gone on to bigger and better things will still be remembered for where they started.  Does it ever bother you that people will remember you from Neighbours before they recall you in a later series, such as Dollhouse or Torchwood or in Lust for Love?

Dichen: Not at all. It was a privilege to be on the show and it's lovely that people remember at all.

Where does Sierra in Dollhouse come from, what is her background and are you still involved with that series?

Dichen: Dollhouse was sadly cancelled. I loved working on that show. And again I met incredible people. Sierra was a lot of fun to play. Her background is a mystery but that's what was fun about it.

When you’ve played a regular character such as Katya or Sierra, or any characters you’re involved with currently, do you ever suggest how your character might react in a certain situation or her development in the series?. 

Dichen: Sometimes, but not often. It's tricky as the writers have so much planned that you don't know about. You just have to trust they have a plan ;)

The role as the CIA agent in Torchwood: Miracle Day also appeared to be self sufficient and able to handle herself in a crisis, apart from the final moments when Rex Matheson broke her neck.  I have to marvel at the way you were trying to walk – backward as if you were walking forwards, (neck broken), I’d imagine that was all prosthetics and CGI?

Dichen: It was prosthetics and CGI. It took hours to put on. It was a lot of fun to shoot, the cast are amazing. I really had a wonderful time. Billy directed the episode. Great director.

You’ve got a great figure, do you have a fitness regime, watch what you eat or are you one of these people who can eat a large meal and just not pile on the pounds?  If you do have a fitness regime, please share (I’m a typical Taurean)

Dichen: I don't really. I have a very active life, meaning I don't sit at a desk all day. Also I eat large meals, but I only eat when I'm hungry. That's a good way to keep trim. Also if you move around a lot during the day.

I’m still trying to locate Lust For Love, but have seen the trailer and really like the look of the film.  Can you tell us more about it and your role within the film?

Dichen: The film will be available soon in the UK. We raised some money on Kickstarter which was a huge help. The cast was mostly friends that I made on Dollhouse. It was written and directed by Anton King. It stars Fran Kranz who is amazing.  The film is about Astor’s (Fran Kranz) happy tenacity that spoils his one chance at love with his lifelong crush Mila (Beau Garrett). Convinced he needs more experience with women to win her back, he engages her ex-best friend Cali (Me) to teach him how to woo women. Together they dissect his failings, and Astor makes his awkward pick-up attempts. As Astor begins to juggle multiple opportunities, he discovers the source of the rift between Cali and Mila, and the trio are forced to confront their conceptions about love. It's a really lovely movie.

When you were growing up, what other things were you interested in, aside from acting?

Dichen: I wanted to be a painter... I loved science but leaned toward more abstract arts. I loved movies didn't really understand the process or the business. However, I have been editing from a very early age. My dad taught me how to use a camera and get tech savvy.

What music do you listen to when you’re relaxing, chilling?

Dichen:  Classical :)

Before you go to rehearse or go for a take, or perhaps before you start your day at work, do you have a ‘ritual’, like some have before they go on stage to ward off the nerves?

Dichen: Not really... Coffee!

What role would you really love to get your teeth into?

Dichen: Very hard question... So many... Something very different to me that's for sure.

Are you a super heroes fan and who is your favourite super hero, and if you had a special power, what would it be?

Dichen: Yes! I always wanted to be supergirl when I was little. But there's just so many good ones.

As well as starring in the film ‘Lust for Love’ you’re also the producer.  What is the role of a producer, does that include promoting the film to prospective film companies?

Dichen: It means all of that and more. This is a really big question. I could write an essay on it. I will say for now, don't get into it if you're not committed to seeing it through, if you're not ready for serious ups and downs.

As many actors these days are involved in the ‘behind the scenes’ roles, such as writer, director, producer and film maker, do you see yourself being as involved in all aspects of film making in the future?

Dichen: I am currently writing. I would love to direct. Just sharpening my tools. I think it's really important to create your own content if you have something to say in this world.

For your character in Torchwood Miracle Day, did you watch any episodes of Torchwood prior to the role; were you already a fan of Torchwood?

Dichen: I was a fan of Doctor Who. I watched a few eps and loved it.

Do you have a website where the fans can follow your career?  Are you just on Twitter?

Dichen: I'm on face book. But working on a website. Twitter for now :)

What productions are you currently working on that you can tell us anything about?  And are you involved in both sides of the camera?

Dichen: I'm writing a pilot about people descending into 30. All the trials and tribulations of life.

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