Sunday, 1 June 2014

Articles Cover Page, Content Guide, Editor's Note Issue 14

End of Days Episode 13

Cover Page, Content Guide, Editor’s Note

Episode Breakdown
Abaddon: Angel of the Bottomless Pit
or Realm of the Dead? - Echo Fain
Message From the Stars – DJ Forrest
Captain Jack Harkness journal
Time Agency, John Hart & Con Artist
Sleeping Beauty – Torchwood Style
Bilis Manger
There for the Good Things in Life

Mark Campbell - Doctor Who Essential Guide
It’s a Richard Ashton Interview
James Erskine

End of Days Review by Patsy Carline (late posting)

The Mothership
The Infinite Quest – Jeff Zyra
The Rings of Akhaten – Steve Taylor-Bryant
The Talons of Weng Chiang by Jeff Zyra
Genesis of the Daleks by Mickie Newton (late posting)

Target Zone – Simon Mallinson
Tribute to Paul Spragg by Simon Mallinson

Fans Fiction
Heaven and Nature Sing by Echo Fain

The Coffee Shop
Fan Art Showcase –
Coconut CocaCola
Captions Comp – End of Days

Beyond The Hub
Revenge Series 2 with Burn Gorman by Sharon Beck

Cons & Expos
Photo album of Miracle Day event –
Christine Hannah Liddle
Antje Strauch
Wales Comic Con Wrecsam –
Chloe Robertson
Motor City Comic Con –
Tamie Wiggins
London Excel Expo -
Simon Mallinson

Captain Jack Harkness & End of Days

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Doctor Who & Torchwood Issue 13 & 14 (late posting)

Gadgets & Gizmos
Captain Jack Harkness & End of Days

(late posting – will be added Tuesday 3rd June)

Editor’s Note

What can I say about this month?

What can I say about Project: Torchwood as a whole?

The truth of it is, we just never know where to draw the line.  Not in comments, or behaviour, or the wild crazy attempts of trying to get Joshua into a pink leotard and tutu with matching tiara and a sparkly star wand, but in general, when it comes to things we find online that we want to share.  There’s not enough days in the week, hours in the day, but still we find rare nuggets of information that we want to post up, which often means that we’re still uploading to the absolute deadline – 2 hours before we go to launch!

We have so much to share with you this month.  A true romance story of two people who got together after we retweeted a post and who publicly thanked us for it!

I’ve been watching the old idiot box in the corner again and have more Connections for you, this time with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I love Buffy!  How many connections do you think there are – before you go to the article?  We also have some Doctor Who & Torchwood Connections from Mickie that will have you thinking of more before the end of the Issue, I’ll be bound.

We have a Beyond the Hub entry by Sharon Beck this month, a review about Revenge – featuring Burn Gorman; you don’t want to miss that!  Not just a review about Burn’s role within the series, but what the actual series is about.

We have interviews from three fantastic people, articles and reviews and this month we air the Miracle Day event reviews. In fact Expo & Cons has been exceptionally busy, with Motor City to Excel, and we have our new Expo & Cons banner created by our Toshiko, Mickie.  

There are some Miracle Day photos that never made it into this month, but we will be posting these next month. 

Our fantastic fictions writer Echo Fain graces us with another episode of Heaven And Nature Sings, definitely worth a read.  Don’t miss it!

Our Doctor has been a tad lazy this month but given his wedding is in about 5 days, I guess we can let him off.  A lot of the locations from Episode 13 have been reused from previous episodes, so you guys have your work cut out, but being a Torchwood agent requires you to do a little bit of legwork.  You’ll find the Locations to various sites from this month’s Episode in past Issues, and if you see Ianto loitering in the Archives, just let him know that the Coffee Machine needs a clean – again!  Coffee has a distinct weevil odour about it!

We held a competition this month for one lucky winner to receive a FREE personalised video message from Gareth David-Lloyd, read our ‘Message From The Stars’ article to see who won, although those who visit our Facebook and Twitter Page will already know the result.  Congratulations to the lucky winner!

There is so much to list and so much to mention that we could be here ‘till the sun explodes’ so we’ll let you wander through the pages and read at your leisure.

So without further ado...

Welcome to Issue 14!


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