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Expo & Cons Wales Comic Con, Wrecsam, Wales

27th April 2014 – Wales Comic Con, Wrexham, Wales.
By Chloe Robertson

My dad driving me for one hour into Wales was quite boring. I ended up eating a homemade salad, and listening to some music as I started fretting if I would get in. I had bought a General Entry ticket, and worried how long it would take to get in. Upon arriving, my mouth was wide open, the queues went all the way around the campus building, and I was right at the back of the queue. It was about 10:56am and was a few minutes till they opened the doors. I thought it would take hours to get in, but it was very quick, people had their tickets ready, and everyone was in the door within fifteen minutes. What made the stuttering queue much better was the fact that there was two welsh teenage boys with a hysterical sense of humour! As there was a bus stop as we basically toured round the campus with the entry line, a bus came along of which their reply was “Ayyyyy! We are all getting on!” It was something which made waiting a fun experience. Upon getting in, there were some tables which we got a wristband from. Needless to say, there was a crowd, and I was alone and unsure. I got my wristband, and I couldn’t understand how I was suppose to put it on, but one of WCC staff who were getting people into one of the panels helped me out, and was a friendly person.

I had no idea where to go! There were people everywhere! I ended up following the crowd like a sheep, which ended up going outside to another building. Basically lost, I wandered back to the entry where the main Q&A halls were. I wanted to go to the “Twisted Showcase Panel” and saw an opportunity to find my way round from the leaflet we were given with a map. When I went there, I was in the fourth row, and it turned out to be about twenty people in there. This is where Gareth David Lloyd, Sarah Louise Madison, Norman Lovett, and some producers/writers of the web series sat. Whilst waiting for them to remove themselves from the autograph hall which I had no idea where it was, I found that somebody in that panel was waiting that I knew from Twitter. After a quick exchange of tweets, I found her, and had a nice conversation, and then watched the panel with her.

Once they started, a hilarious panel was made. Even a mention to Ianto’s ghost if I remember right, and it was fun! After laughing for quite a while, I left, and decided to go and find Gareth to get his autograph as my new twitter friend told me some little facts about conventions. As I had studied the map a little, I easily found my way, and then saw some of the Evelets. In case of those who do not know, Evelets are a fandom of huge Eve Myles lovers, which I am one of. After having a quick chat with them, I went to queue into the autograph hall of which you had to flash your wristband to them. Once in, the heat hit you, and a stand still crowd of people just stood observing the mayhem and trying to get to guests. I walked straight ahead of which I found Sarah Louise Madison who was lovely, and kind. I spoke to her for a minute and even got a photo with her. I may be a big fan of her now. Shhh, don’t tell anyone!

Once I had seen her, I walked round of which I saw Eve’s table, empty. She was travelling from America in the morning, and still on the plane till about 12:30PM. Right beside her was Gareth’s table. So was a huge crowd for another celebrity, and I apologised as it took me a few minutes to reach the table properly, it was like a tidal wave of people! He was lovely, and I wanted to speak to him, but did not know what to say! I was speechless! He gave me a lovely autograph, and I had seen him twice! I then got out of there. The crowds were massive, and I wanted to have a bit of fresh air. 

Once I saw my mum had given me five missed calls, even though I had told her I was in a panel from a certain time, and she somehow managed to call me, luckily it was on silent then. After speaking to her I got quizzed if I had seen Shane Richie yet. My mum then said for me to get a photo of him at his table. I am not rude, I don’t just take a photo of a celebrity without manners, and after paying for an autograph, I got a selfie with him. It was something of which I could make my friends jealous of for once in my entire life.  He was lovely, and apologised as he tried to ring one of the celebrities who were not signing and should be as I stood there. He was genuinely kind, and basically clichéd the word “sweetheart”. I asked him for a photo, and he was lovely and said that it wasn’t a problem. As I walked away he said “There you are sweetheart, something to make your boyfriend jealous.” Haha! Boyfriend? Ermmm no?! After that, I walked round again to peer if Eve had made an appearance yet. I also saw Warwick Davis whilst passing around the room, and saw some artists, and other people. I then went to the comic store, and found that Jonathan Ross was signing. I went to the back of the queue, and he was very chatty. It took an hour for a small queue to get to him, but again, another lovely man. I was greeted with a handshake and then had a signed image from him. Whilst asking of the spelling of my name Chloe, he asked if it had two weird dots on the ‘O’. Haha! He was lovely!

Whilst waiting in that queue for Jonathan, I can not lie that I did not brag to my best friend who loves Eastenders that I had a selfie with Shane Richie, ‘Alfie Moon’. She was very pleased for me, and just a little jealous. I also then bragged to my mum about it, but she didn’t reply. At that time, it was going on three, and since Eve was thought to arrive around four, I thought I would go and get in there quickly. Some of the Evelets told me they had been already waiting three hours for her, whilst some of the WCC team questioned where she was. Turns out, she was listening to Celine Dion in a taxi “My face was melting!” as she tweeted.  However, it was time for my Gareth photo shoot, and Gareth walked passed me as we were at the side of the autograph tables to the fire exit, smiling. I may have fainted. That was my third time of seeing Gareth that day. I quickly hurried over to the photo shoot building, and made a new best friend who was also meeting Gareth for the first time. I then got in the room, which we left our bags on the table, and queued to have a photo. My heart was going frantic, and I finally reached him, and stood beside for a photo. As I turned back, he winked at me. I nearly collapsed. I could feel my body slowly dying. Fourth time of seeing Gareth!

I quickly ran back, and there was no sign of Eve yet. My mum had called again, and I quickly answered and said there was no sign of her yet. I was starting to worry. About 5PM a freckled face and gap toothed woman popped her head down from the balcony and blew air kisses to us. As I was stood next to the fire exit, she walked past me. Second time of nearly fainting. She went and cutely hugged Gareth. We had been given numbers, and I quickly got flustered whilst seeing the woman! I dropped stuff, and then asked for a photo. Unfortunately she was not allowing photos, but seemed to let some fans quickly. Oh well. I gave her some gift bags and she thanked me, and then an apology. Everything in our first meeting went wrong. I quickly walked out, and got to the Torchwood panel. That had at least 200 hundred people in there, and it was full! I quickly found a seat, and Gareth came on. Eve came in later, walking passed me, ahhh! It was an amazing panel, and hilarious. My question wasn’t answered as they did not see my hand, even though Gareth shot a glance over to me with my hand up. Fifth time of seeing Gareth!

After the panel, I was supposed to be collected by my parents, and quickly hurried back to the studio. I noticed Eve was back, and thought I would have a second attempt of meeting. I was in another quite big line which went past Gareth’s table. My sixth time of seeing that amazing man. I think he was sick of seeing me. I was everywhere he was! I gave her the painting of her that one of my dad’s friends did as a gift. And the most amazing five minutes of my life was encountered.

Eve: *Finishes speaking to some #Evelets, looks down at portrait of herself*
Cashier: That is amazing!
Eve: It's fantastic!
Christine: Makes mine look like shit (jokes)
Eve: *to Christine* No yours is beautiful too! *to me* Who did it?
Me: My dad's friend (Tony)
Eve: *still amazed*
Me: Sorry, I was a bit of an emotional mess earlier
Eve: Hey, don't apologize, don't apologize. Thank you for waiting for me *Shakes my hand*
Me: Okay *actually shaking* your just my number one person to meet
Eve: *Hugs me* I was the same with (female actress, forget her name)
Me: *Going red, trying to fan myself* I'm sorry, I'm trying not to cry
Eve: *Has tears in her eyes too, comes round from table* Hey, *Gestures me to give her a hug* Cwtch
Me: Thank you
Eve: Listen, I'm a normal person too, I drink, I fart, I eat pizza, okay?
Me: *Nods*
Eve: You alright now?
Me: Yeah, I'm alright.
Eve: *Hugs me again, and returns to table* Who's it for?
Me: Me, Chloe.
Eve: Is that C-H-L-O-E?
Me: Yes
Eve: High five *puts hand up*
Me: *high fives* I loved you in Frankie and everything
Eve: Look there's Frankie over there *Points to Christine*
Me: Yes, It's amazing
Eve: Yeah, here you go. *Then gets distracted by other people*
Me: Thank you.

I was shaking after that, and I got back to my mum and dad, and I was in shock. I was smiling, and near crying again, and I told them and they were very pleased for me.

I would love to meet them all again, and I am hooked on conventions. However, the only thing I can advice you on is having a wallet of money, and a big bag! I love conventions, and I will be going again another year.

It’s a very worthy event to go to, and the staff are very kind and helpful.  There is always something to do and all in all, it’s a fantastic one day event.

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