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Articles Issue 13 Cover Page, Contents and Editor's Note

Captain Jack Harkness - Issue 13

Episode Breakdown
Captain Jack Harkness Journals
History Tends To Repeat Itself: Childhood.
How Cyberwoman Regenerated the Issue Cover
Happy Birthday Project: Torchwood Collage
Happy Birthday Project: Torchwood

Steven Savile
Cops and Monsters – Fraser Coull
Nicholas Briggs
Sarah Louise Madison
Matt Rippy interview revisited

Russell T Davies & Jenna-Louise Coleman
Ben Loyd-Holmes & Ilona Rodgers
Project: Torchwood

Black Water Review
Captain Jack Harkness episode review by Patricia Carline*

Beyond the TARDIS
Hot Fuzz Review*

Beyond the Hub
The Sweeney – Caroline Chikezie
Red Lights – Burn Gorman

Gadgets & Gizmos
Captain Jack Harkness*
Including Issue 12 Combat edition

Mini Series
Mitchell – Patience final episode

Fans Fiction
Sandy Deck – The Soul Catcher
Claudia Lindner – The Night Back in Time

The Mothership
Remembering Kate by Carol Drinkwater
Doctor Who Legacy by Jess Griffin
Target Zone
 The Ark in Space
Who Reviews
The Aztecs
The Dalek Invasion of Earth
Tooth and Claw
The Shakespeare Code
Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
Cold War

The Coffee Shop
Fan Art – jht888 Showcase


Editor’s Note

It’s hard to believe that we’ve covered a year already on the website.  It makes me smile that the support for Torchwood is still so strong.  When we initially set up the site, my feelings were that Torchwood wasn’t as strong, but it was something I still loved and I wanted to share that.  Of course the loyalty to John Barrowman was as strong as ever across the fandom but I wondered if Torchwood as a whole was as strong, but after we launched the site, set up the Twitter and Facebook account, the number of fans soon dispelled that worry. 

We’ve met and interviewed a good many of the cast and crew of Torchwood and Doctor Who and the support from the guests for what we’re doing has overwhelmed us. 

This year we’ve seen a great many things, a website dedicated to Eve Myles by her number one fan Molly Lyons, of which we fully support and recommend to everyone to go and follow and join.  We covered an article about the site, and they very kindly recommended us also.  We love that site.

Project: Torchwood broadened its horizons this year by joining DeviantART and LinkedIn

We have interviewed so many people from the world of Who and Torchwood that to list them all here would take a good many pages, but each and every person who we talked to made us feel that this is something to keep fighting for, to keep pushing those who sit up at the BBC to #SaveTorchwood and to Keep The Flame Alive!

In Issue 13 we have bumper reviews of Who episodes by our regular team of Who writers, Jeff, Steve and myself.  We have a wonderful article about Kate O’Mara written by Carol Drinkwater, who knew Kate well. 

We have two wonderful fictional pieces by Sandy Deck and Claudia Lindner, The Soul Catcher – which features Gray, brother of Jack Harkness and his continued series involving Maria and the world of Camelot and Arthur. 

A Night Back in Time by Claudia Lindner tells of the ‘What If’ scenario if Jack Harkness and Toshiko Sato were really stuck in 1941 with no means of getting back immediately, how would they cope in that situation.  It’s a great little piece and definitely worth a read. 

In our Mini Series about Mitchell and his life with Torchwood, we have the final episode of Patience.  Jack who was previously kidnapped in order to lure Mitchell out of the clutches of the Torchwood team for the blueprint he had in his possession, is now in control of the computer mainframe within the ship, he is wired into it and as much as the Major ‘thinks’ he’s in control, Jack is about to teach him a lesson he will never forget – but will they get back to Earth before Mitchell and his mother are sentenced to death on the planet Arakia?

The Miracle Day Event this April saw Eve, Gareth, Naoko, Kai and Dichen wow the fans on stage and create many photos for the fans to share across the internet.  Project: Torchwood WILL be making every effort to go to Miracle Day 2 next year. 
Out of that event, our two intrepid fans – Natalie Vanstone and Betty Dee secured us some awesome interviews.  It took a considerable amount of calming down after that phone call I can tell you.  Lots of whoops, screams, yells and dancing occurred much to the annoyance of everyone else trying to watch the television in peace!
Over the next 2 months we will be gathering together our Photo Album of Miracle Day, which will be posted in Issue 14 and beyond as there are a lot of photos to work through.  Some fans taking at least 800 photos!!!

So from all of us, to all of you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support you have given us, and keep giving us, and we will endeavour to make our 2nd year on the site even more epic!

So without further ado – welcome to Issue 13! 

Articles marked with a * will feature from the weekend onwards.


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