Wednesday, 30 April 2014

News #SaveTorchwood #BringBackTorchwood Keep The Flame Alive

#SaveTorchwood  #BringBackTorchwood

The petition to bring back one of the best shows to come from Doctor Who is mounting.  This week given the article posted from the Team Barrowman camp on Twitter from Digital Spy about whether it was time to accept Torchwood wasn’t coming back, had the fans including us here a little bit angry and emotional.  So we’ve been asking the fans to RT our message to #SaveTorchwood #BringBackTorchwood to raise attention that we are not prepared to let the Torchwood flame go out, even if others seem to have given up on it.

So if you haven’t signed the petition for @SaveTorchwood then please do.  It’s a worthwhile cause.   

A fan on Twitter told us that even Doctor Who disappeared off air for a good few years before coming back so there is still hope.  And while there are fans still out there, let’s keep that pressure up.

Photo created and given to us by Lyn Carol

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