Sunday, 27 April 2014

Beyond The Hub Red Lights

Red Lights

Directed by Rodrigo Cortés
Written by Rodrigo Cortés
Starring Robert De Niro, Sigourney Weaver, Elizabeth Olsen, Joely Richardson, Cillian Murphy, Craig Roberts, Burn Gorman, Toby Jones
A Spanish-American thriller film
Released in the UK 15th June 2012
Reviewed by DJ Forrest

Sigourney Weaver (Margaret Matheson) and Cillian Murphy (Tom Buckley) are two university academics who as paranormal investigators lift the lid on the world of psychics, uncovering their many phoney traits. 
After uncovering two psychics who use props and earpieces to command their audience, Buckley wants to go after the big one, Simon Silver, a blind psychic who dropped out of the limelight for 30 years after his one persistent critic died mysteriously. 

Buckley doesn’t believe that Silver is the renowned psychic that he claims to be.  But as he delves into the man’s career, strange things begin to happen around him.  Phones ring but nobody is there and birds drop out of the sky dead. 

Margaret insists that Buckley drops the obsessive delve into the psychic as the man frightens her, she doesn’t believe he’s a psychic but after Simon tells her something about her son, she begins to doubt even herself.

Craig Roberts appears in this film as one of Margaret’s students and works with Buckley and Sally Owens (Elizabeth Olsen) at uncovering the truth. 

Burn Gorman appears as Benedict Cosell, a guest on the television debate show that also features Margaret Matheson, as well as Joely Richardson (Monica Handsen) who is the PR for Silver.  Most of the discussion is about Silver, and the debate about ESP and the psychic world.  As Buckley watches the show from his room, it’s clear to see that Matheson is fighting a losing battle against those who believe in psychic ability. 

I have to admit to leaping out of my seat at least 3 times during the film and sat on the edge of the seat gripping the cushion for the rest of the time. 

Written, directed and produced by Rodrigo Cortés and distributed by Lionsgate in 2012, this is a must see film.  You can find this film on Netflix by typing in Burn Gorman, as I did.  It’s got a cracking cast list, and features quite a few British film and television actors and actresses.  Robert De Niro is outstanding in his role as Simon Silver, mind you De Niro is outstanding in any of his roles.  From seeing Sigourney battling aliens this was quite a calmer role for her but equally as enjoyable.  Despite the limited view of Burn, this film is still worth a watch, even for the brilliant twist at the end.

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