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Articles Cover Page, Content Guide, Editor's Note - Issue 12 Combat

Issue 12 – Combat  Content Guide

Cover Page
Content Guide
Editor’s Note

Combat Breakdown Episode
Captain Andy
Happy Mother’s Day – The Torchwood Mother’s

Tom Price
Claire Pritchard-Jones

Beyond the TARDIS
Doghouse Review

The Mothership
Anyone For Cake?
Caves of Androzani Review
Earthshock Review
Logopolis Review
Mind of Evil Review
Remembrance of the Daleks Review
Rose Review
Smith and Jones Review
The Keys of Marinus Review
William Hartnell
Mother’s Day – Mother’s of Who
The Passing of a Time Lord – Kate O’Mara Obituary
Target Zone
Doctor Who and the Androids of Tara

The Coffee Shop
Caption Comps x 3
Best Andy Moment

Happy Birthday
Kaiserin Maggs, Gareth David-Lloyd,
Sarah Pinborough, Anthony Lewis,
Lucas and Gloria Corbi.
Save Torchwood Petition

Something in the Water by Trevor Baxendale

Gadgets & Gizmos

Combat Episode 11

Mini Series
Mitchell – Patience Pt 3

Fans Fiction
Heaven & Nature Sings Pt 2 by Echo Fain

 Editor’s Note


Issue 12 is another bumper issue, crammed full of Doctor Who articles as well as Torchwood.  There are fan contributions in the shape of our ‘Best Andy Moments’ and a nice surprise in our Locations Guide this month.  Jeffrey Zyra, our Who writer has excelled himself with a large number of Who Reviews this month.  This guy is a true Whovian and a gem and he knows his episodes. 

Special thanks goes to all our contributors to Issue 12, including our graphics designer Mickie aka Toshiko, who has designed all of our cover artwork for this month as well as working on her own articles for Gadgets & Gizmos which will feature later on this week due to the large number of artwork required!

We have two fantastic interviews for you, from Tom Price and Claire Pritchard-Jones, both equally entertaining, and a great insight into both of their careers.  Tom as per had me in stitches from the off.  Claire’s detailed interview explains the work of a Make Up Designer.  There is more to it than you think.

This month we lost a wonderful actress.  Kate O’Mara was known to us in the Whovian world as The Rani, but Kate was well known in many other roles and we have a fitting tribute on The Mothership Page and if you would like to leave a personal message below, please do.

We’ve updated and enlarged our Valentine’s Day article so you can read the quotes a lot easier – sorry for upping the sales on magnifying glasses in February!
Also the Everything Changes Episode Breakdown has been revamped, please revisit. 

There have been a few birthdays in March, and there will be a considerable amount in April, I’ve noticed. 

So without further ado, welcome to Issue 12

DJ ~Jack~

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