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News Happy Birthday John Barrowman

Happy Birthday John Barrowman

John needs no introduction, you’ve seen him as Captain Jack in Torchwood, as Merlyn in Arrow, seen him host game shows and dog shows, and Animals at Work programmes, he’s everywhere and quite rightly so, and now he’s part of a writing team that brought us the Hollow Earth stories about Em and Matt Calder and Torchwood: Exodus Code. He’s sings and is currently working on a new album that is being made through pledges from fans.  Seriously is there anything he CAN’T do? 

John has brought us into his life through Twitter and his live feeds, he’s like your very best friend, your big or younger brother, you feel like you’ve known him all your life, and we thank him for that.

Happy Birthday John did you know on this day in 1967, Episode 1 of The Macra Terror was broadcast.  It was the Season 4 and Patrick Troughton was the Doctor with Michael Craze, Anneke Wills and Frazer Hines as his companions.
Director was John Davis and Writer was Ian Stuart Black.

The Doctor and his companions land on an unknown planet in the Earth’s colonial future.  The colony is run like a holiday camp and those who lose their ‘joy’ are arrested and brainwashed.  But the half crazed colonist, Medok who they met on their way to the colony, has seen large crab like creatures who roam the colony after dark. 

The Doctor goes in search of the creatures with Medok while the rest of his party take rest.  The Doctor learns of the mines where the workers must mine for the gas that they need to protect themselves against the creatures, but if we’ve learnt anything about the Macra, they live off the stuff.

In 1972, Episode 3 of The Sea Devils was broadcast.  It was Season 9 and starred Jon Pertwee as the Doctor with Katy Manning as his companion.  Also featuring in this story was Roger Delgado as the Master.
The writer for this story was Malcolm Hulke and Director Michael Briant.

The Doctor visits the Master who is held prisoner for life on a remote island.  Unable to influence the guards, or escape given that there are mine fields all around the island preventing him, the Master manages to control Trenchard, one of the naval base officers who steals electrical equipment in order to use the Sonar device on the island.  His plan is to  summon up the Sea Devils, aquatic cousins to the Silurians, to wage a war against the humans.

In 1978, the 6th Episode of The Invasion of Time was broadcast.  It was Season 15 and Tom Baker was the Doctor with Louise Jameson as his companion and John Leeson providing the voice of K-9.  Milton Johns also appeared in this story as Castellan Kelner.

The Doctor has returned to Gallifrey but he’s acting strangely and it soon becomes clear why when after his promotion to President of the Time Lords he allows creatures known as The Vardans to enter Gallifrey after lowering the force field around the citadel.  But after sending them back to their home planet, the real enemy make their entrance – The Sontarans, led by Commander Stor.

Other people celebrating their birthday today are: Alex Kingston (Hello Sweetie) who is 51 today.  Alex Kingston is better known for her role as Professor River Song who first came to our attention in Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead where her character met the 10th Doctor, but as with all time travelling stories, River Song returned with the 11th Doctor to have many more adventures. 

A few others celebrating are: Johnny Knoxville 43, Shane Ritchie 50 and Douglas Adams (1952-2001).

Have a fantastic day John from everyone at Project: Torchwood including Joshua Weevil.

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