Monday, 31 March 2014

Articles Happy Mother's Day to the Mothers of Torchwood

Happy Mother's Day to the Mother's of Torchwood!

Across the world Mother's Day is celebrated on different months of the year.  In the UK Mother's Day is celebrated this year on 30th March, so we thought what better way than to give thanks to the Mother's of Torchwood.

How many do you recognise? Post below in the comment box if you can name them.  


  1. I can name the characters, but not the actresses:

    Alice Harkness, Jack's daughter, mother to Stephen
    Gwen's mother, Mary Cooper
    Gwen Cooper, mother to Anwen
    Rhys' mother - tend to forget her name
    Rhiannon Davis, sister to Ianto Jones, mother to Mica and David

    That would be five out of eleven.

    Could the on in the upper right corner be Tosh's mother?

  2. Jack's mother (whose name wasn't mentioned), Alice Carter, Tosh's mother (whose name wasn't mentioned), Mary Cooper, that woman, Brenda Williams, Rhiannon Davis, Mrs. Frobisher, Ms. Bevan (Jonah's mother), Ms. Pierce (Jasmin's mother) ;)