Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Coffee Shop Out of Time Caption Comp

Caption Competition – Out of Time

Caption One

After having been nominated for the Neknominations by Gwen Cooper, Captain Jack Harkness decides who he’s going to nominate as he downs the last of his pint of vodka.

Claudia Lindner Though he never drinks, as he might need to travel any minute, while having a pint of gin, Captain Jack decided that time travelling was much overrated.

Ianto Tarrant Jack nominates Owen......To drink water.

Carol-Anne Hillman Jack nominates Martha Jones, wearing her red unit hat backwards

Christine Oswin Liddle Jack nominates Tosh...that would be funny

Caption Two

Just what made Emma scream?

Betty Dee She just caught Ianto and Jack making out!

DJ ~Jack~: Gwen’s new investment of a life size alarm clock that screamed like a banshee when it was time to get up was not going down well with Rhys! 

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