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News Happy Birthday Katy Wix 28th February

You may remember Katy from Children of Earth, she played Ianto’s sister married to Johnny.

Happy Birthday Katy

Did you know on this day in 1970, Episode 4 of Doctor Who and the Silurians was broadcast.  It was Season 7 and it starred Jon Pertwee as the Doctor, with Caroline John and Nicholas Courtney as his companions.  Fulton Mackay, Geoffrey Palmer and Paul Darrow also appeared in this episode in an underground atomic research centre where Silurians were causing a bit of trouble.
Writer was Malcolm Hulke and Director was Timothy Combe.

In 1976 Episode 5 of The Seeds of Doom was broadcast, it was Season 13 and Tom Baker was the Doctor with Elisabeth Sladen and Ian Marter as his companions. 
Writer was Robert Banks and Director was Douglas Camfield.

In this story an insane botanist is hell bent on wiping out animal kind with the use of a Krynoid pod.

In 1981 Episode 1 of Logopolis was broadcast.  It was Season 18 and starred Tom Baker as the Doctor with Matthew Waterhouse, Sarah Sutton and Janet Fielding as companions.
Writer was Christopher H Bidmead and Director was Peter Grimwade.

Logopolis was to be Tom Baker’s last series as the Doctor. 

The TARDIS’ Cloister Bell tells of impending trouble ahead so the Doctor stays onboard the ship in order to try and fix its broken chameleon circuit.  The Master is aware of the Doctor’s plan and when the Doctor finds out tries to flush him out by landing the TARDIS on the Thames but lands on a boat.  The Doctor sees a white ghostly figure that tells him to hurry to Logopolis.

Others celebrating their birthday today are: Jake Bugg 20 and Georgina Leonidas 24

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