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News Happy Birthday Anthony Head

Happy Birthday Anthony Head

Happy Birthday Anthony,

Anthony is no stranger to Doctor Who having appeared in the series as the Headmaster in ‘School Reunion’ when the teachers really did sleep in the school, as the Krillitane.  It was down to the 10th Doctor and his companions Sarah Jane Smith, Rose Tyler and Mickey Smith with the help of K-9 to save the day.

Did you know on this day in 2008 Torchwood Episode 7: Dead Man Walking was broadcast.  It was Season 2 and starred John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Naoko Mori and Burn Gorman and Gareth David-Lloyd.  Freema Agyeman also starred in this episode as Doctor Martha Jones.  It was written by Matt Jones and Directed by Andy Goddard. It featured Paul Kasey as weevil, Skye Bennett as tarot girl and Kai Owen as Rhys.

Owen had been killed in the previous episode and now lay on the slab in the mortuary about to undergo an autopsy by Dr. Martha Jones when Jack called for her to halt proceedings, to do nothing till he returned.  After meeting with a mysterious girl, a fortune teller who shows Jack a card with his face on, he returns from the abandoned church where the weevils call home with a small wooden chest.  Jack brings back Owen with the second resurrection glove only this time he brings more than Owen and the team have to race to stop Death taking 13 souls in order to remain on Earth.

Also on this day in 1965, The Web Planet, Episode 2: The Zarbi was broadcast.  It was Season 2 and starred William Hartnell as the First Doctor, with companions Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright and Vicki. It also featured Martin Jarvis as Hilio.  It was written by Bill Strutton and Directed by Richard Martin.

The Tardis lands on Vortis a planet where ant like Zarbi and butterfly like Menoptra used to live, however an evil force known as the Animus gained control of the planet using the Zarbi against its neighbour, forcing the Menoptra to leave the planet. When the Doctor and his companions discover this, they resolve to save the planet from the Animus.

In 1971, Episode 4 of The Mind of Evil was broadcast.  It was Season 8 and Jon Pertwee was the Doctor with Jo Manning his companion and the UNIT team.  Roger Delgado also starred in this series as Keller/The Master and Michael Sheard played Summers.
The story was written by Don Houghton and Directed by Timothy Combe.

The Master plans on destroying peace talks by using the Thunderbolt Missile, containing a deadly nerve gas, by using prisoners from Stangmoor Prison.

Others from the Whovian world celebrating their birthday today are Lauren Ambrose, 36, who played Jilly Kitzinger in Torchwood’s Miracle Day series and Aniji Mohindra, 24, who played Rani in Sarah Jane Adventures.

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