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Locations Out of Time Locations Guide

Season 1 Episode 10 – Out of Time Locations Guide

By John Bond (The Doctor)

Well this episode has to be one of my favourite episodes out of the whole series.  We get to see the more human side of Owen Harper and all I will say is that I fell in love with him after this.  I hope you are enjoying this edition so far.  So why don’t we just get right down to the nitty gritty of this article.  Let the locations begin.

Tesco Extra, Western Avenue, Cardiff, CF14 3AT

So from watching the episode, Ianto has taken the time travellers to an Asda Store.  At first I thought this was the Asda Store in Cardiff but after much digging around, I have found that the shot was actually in Tesco Extra in Cardiff.  I found this out of someone who worked in the catering van on location.

How to get to Tesco Extra:

Catch the Cardiff Bus Number 38 from St Mary Street opposite the Prince of Wales Pub (£1.70 Single, £3.40 All Day Ticket)
Get off at Gabalfa Interchange
Walk down Western Avenue and you will see Tesco Extra on your left hand side.

MOD St Athans, Vale of Glamorgan, CF62 4WA

This location was used for the scene where the Torchwood Team meets the 3 time travellers from the 1950s.  This location is a functional military area so the public cannot access it. 

How to get to MOD St Athans:

Catch the X91 from Cardiff Bus Station Wood Street Stand JR from 8.40am
Get off at East Camp or West Camp.

The Pearl of the Orient Restaurant, Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay, CF10 5BZ

This location is used for the scene where Diane and Owen go out for a meal.  The location is in Mermaid Quay, which is very close to the other Torchwood locations around Cardiff Bay.  This restaurant offers some lovely food.  Their website is

How to get to The Pearl of the Orient:

Catch the Number 6 BayCar Bus from Lower St Mary Street. (£1.70 Single, £3.40 All Day Ticket)
Get off outside the Millennium Centre
Walk along Roald Dhal Plas
The restaurant is not far from there

Gate 3, Millennium Stadium, Westgate Street, Cardiff

John our Time Traveller is dropped off at this location in Westgate Street.

How to get to Gate 3:

From the Bus Station walk straight across the road to Westgate Street
Follow the road up and Gate 3 is on your left (Quite hard to miss)

Cardiff Central Bus Station, Wood Street, Cardiff

This location is used as the scene for Emma’s farewell as she goes off to London.  From the location of the shot it seems to be at the end of Stand F

How to get to the Bus Station:

From the train station entrance walk straight ahead
You are at Cardiff Central Bus Station

Hope you all enjoyed my little journey.  Now I am logging off to fulfil my geekiness this weekend working at Cardiff Film and Comic Con…..

Bring on my Eve Myles and Kai Owen Double Photo shoot :p  (THIS WILL MAKE JACK JEALOUS)

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