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Random Shoes Content’s Guide Issue 10

Front Cover

Content’s Guide

Editor’s Note

Random Shoes Breakdown

Luke Bromley
Indira Varma
Justin Walters

Torchwood Recruitment

The Target Zone – Simon Mallinson
Skypoint – Echo Fain
Dead Line – Echo Fain

Fans Fiction
The Long Nights by Mickie Newton

Mini Series
Mitchell – Patience Episode 1

The Coffee Shop
Caption Comp

The Mothership
Matt Smith Tribute
Top 10 Matt Smith Episodes
Tribute to Roger Lloyd-Pack

Beyond The Hub
Sherlock – The Last Vow
Sherlock – The Empty Hearse
Sherlock – The Sign of Three
Warehouse 13

Random Shoes

Gadgets & Gizmos
Random Shoes

Editor’s Note

 Happy New Year to one and all – yeah I know it’s a bit late but better late than never!

It’s been a long month, considering we posted Issue 9 out on Christmas Day.  We hope Santa bought you everything you wished for.  We all enjoyed a rest over the festive period and now need to work off our Christmas waistlines; although I’m sure with the amount of rift activity it won’t be long before we’ve shifted at least some of that.

Random Shoes brings us into 2014 and we have 3 interviews for you, a tribute to Roger Lloyd-Pack and a brand new Page.  Beyond The Hub covers the writers and actors ventures outside of Who and Torchwood which means we have lots more to watch, to read and to listen to, and hopefully you’ll contribute too.

Look out for Mitchell this month, there’s a new story out, and just who is it that wants Jack Harkness out of the way?

I want to take this opportunity of saying thank you to all those who contributed to Issue 10, you guys as always ROCK. 

So welcome to Issue 10, and if you want to get involved in Issue 11, ‘Out of Time’ then contact us on Twitter, Facebook or by emailing us.

DJ ~Jack~


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