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Beyond The Hub All Stars

All Stars (2013) U

Barrowman stubbles up for his role in the street dance movie!

Reviewed by DJ Forrest

One of the wonderful things about Netflix is that I actually get to watch more television, dramas and shows and serials I may never watch any other time, and also gives me the opportunity to sit down and watch a wide selection of movies I’d normally have to save up a massive fortune for on Blu-Ray.

All Stars is about a youth centre called the ‘Garage’ run by Gina (Ashley Jensen).  It’s a place where kids can go to feel safe and have fun which is something Jensen’s character says at the Council meeting, when she begs the officials to have a change of heart over the demolition proposal on the centre.  An unscrupulous council official wants to flatten the ‘Garage in order to build a car park that will generate more income for the council.

Ethan (Theo Stephenson) wants to impress a girl who is completely out of his league, and suggests to Jayden (Akai) that they put a dance group together. Two ballroom dancers from a posh school Tim (Dominic Herman-Day) and Amy (Fleur Houdijk) who learn to loosen up and mix ballroom with street dance, Brian (Gamal Toseafa) who find a way of breaking the cycle of junk food at his local drive in (on pushbike) and orders salad only who teaches the rest of the group how to rap and Lucy (Hanae Atkins) who lives with her dad (John Barrowman) and incorporates her kick boxing skills into the dance moves.

It’s D-Day for the ‘garage’ and Gina puts her points across to the members of the council board about why it is so important for it to remain open.  Mid way into her speech raised voices can be heard out in the hallway.  A ruckus breaks out between Kurt (Keiran Lai) and Ethan which seals the fate of the ‘Garage’.

Both Ethan and Jayden also have a background which centres on the story.  Jayden is a dancer but his parents want him to focus on his education and try and crush his dreams by sending him to another school, where dancing is definitely not on the curriculum. 
Ethan looks up to his dad, Andy (Kevin Bishop) a small time dealer in dodgy gear and knock off chocolate, but is always let down by his lack of commitment. 

The day of the talent show and the centre is packed with men women and children, the stage is set, and the acts are ready, the digger is outside waiting but where is Jayden? 

It’s an upbeat, entertaining, get up and dance, feel good movie that doesn’t dip once during the entire film.  When I first saw the trailer, I have to admit that it was seeing Barrowman dance with a young girl in a black and white clip that drew me to the film initially.  What I can say is that Barrowman only plays a small part in the film.  The well played black and white video clip of him dancing was awesome to watch but wasn’t my favourite part of the film.  He plays Lucy’s Dad, who sits in an orange Tropical tee-shirt and a pair of shorts, or boxers, is unshaven and gives the look of someone who has given up on everything since his wife left. This to me is something of a role I want to see John more in and I hope we do.

The film was released in 2013 and available on Netflix for me to view at Christmas.  It was written by Paul Gerstenberger and directed by Ben Gregor.

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