Friday, 28 February 2014

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Welcome to Issue 11 – Out of Time

Cover Page

Content Guide

Editor’s Note

Episode Breakdown
Post Rationing Britain by Patricia Carline
“How much allowance do I have left?” by DJ Forrest

Daryl Joyce
Paul Chequer
Mark Lewis Jones

Happy Birthday Katy Wix, Dichen Lachman, Jackie McNaughton & Nikki Amuka-Bird
Barrowman at Comicpalooza Con

The Mothership
Target Zone with Simon Mallinson
RIP Malcolm Tierney
An Unearthly Child by Jeffrey Zyra
The Daleks by Jeffrey Zyra
Edge of Destruction by Jeffrey Zyra
The 50th Anniversary Annual inc Who competition

Out of Time guide

The Coffee Shop
Out of Time Caption Comp

Gadgets & Gizmos
1950’s Then and Now

Mini Series
Mitchell – Patience Pt 2

Beyond The Hub
Superstar Dogs by DJ Forrest
All Stars by DJ Forrest
Doctors ‘Ditched’ by DJ Forrest
Book of Beasts Pre-Order

(New) Beyond The TARDIS
Robin Hood by Mickie Newton

Editor’s Note

So another month has passed and we’re relieved to see the sun shining and blue sky and a halt of the rain.  What a winter it’s been so far, although I think we’ve more to come, cold air and snow forecast. Brr!
A  good excuse to warm your cockles and stay in to read our fantastic new Issue 11 you won’t be disappointed and this month you have a chance to enter a competition in our Doctor Who book review in The Mothership.
Also this month, well this weekend to be honest our Doc, John Bond is at the Film and Comic Con in Cardiff (NOT JEALOUS) enjoying a sandwich photo shoot with Kai Owen and Eve Myles (NO NOT JEALOUS – OK JACK IS JEALOUS).

We have a NEW page too which we’re sure you’ll enjoy and we have many, many articles and reviews to keep your coffee break extended till tea time :D

So without further ado,

Welcome to Out of Time.

And remember if you want to be involved in any future issues, want to have a birthday shout out, want to write for us, then visit our Contact Page and get in touch.

DJ ~Jack~

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