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News Happy Birthday Guy Adams


Happy Birthday Guy Adams

Did you know that on this day in 1968, the third episode of The Enemy of the World was broadcast starring Patrick Troughton as the 3rd Doctor?  The story was set in Australia somewhere in the near future, with a dictator Ramon Salamander who was the spitting image of the Doctor and has insane plans of ruling the world....
The writer for this story was David Whitaker with Barry Letts as the Director.

Also on this day in 1973 the second episode of The Three Doctors was broadcast, starring Jon Pertwee and featured both William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton.  The Time Lords have called upon the first two Doctors to aid the current Doctor (Pertwee) in stopping stellar engineer Omega trapped inside a black hole from causing universal destruction.

This story also marked William Hartnell’s final acting assignment!

Bob Baker and Dave Martin were the writers of this story, Director was Lennie Mayne.

On this day in 1979 The Power of Kroll, episode 3 was broadcast.  Tom Baker was now playing the role of the Doctor, and in this story, he and Romana were caught between the native Swampies and the power-hungry humans as a mile-wide squid emerged from its swamp...
Writer on this story was Robert Holmes, Director Norman Stewart. 

Rowan Atkinson is 59 today.

Rowan played the Doctor in a sketch for Red Nose Day, March 12th, 1999.  Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death was written by Steven Moffat, Director John Henderson. 

Rowan played the Ninth Doctor alongside the divine Jonathan Pryce who played The Master. 

The parody begins with The Master gloating over his latest schemes to destroy the Doctor.  But instead of spying on the Doctor and his companion Emma, he is in communication with them so they learn of his plans.  The Doctor invites the Master to meet him on the planet Tersurus, in an old castle.  The planet is in ruins but was home to a race of supremely enlightened beings that were shunned by all as they used flatulence to communicate.  They all died when they discovered fire!!!

Photo and info source:
Doctor Who Pocket Essential Book by Mark Campbell

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