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Interviews Luke Bromley

Interview with Luke Bromley

To those of us who are Torchwood fans, your first appearance on our screens was during Random Shoes episode 9 in Series 1, 2006, but you began your acting career 2 years prior to that, in Comedy Lab 2004 at the age of 10, what made you want to become an actor, was it something you always wanted to be, or were you following in someone’s footsteps?

Luke: I started doing theatre at the age of six so I’ve almost forgotten my initial reasons for entering the business. I think it comes down to the fact that I’ve always been a bit of a show off and the obvious choice at the time was performing in some form. I suppose growing up watching other actors just solidified my own glorification of acting particularly the people I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with and I’m a strong believer that being around talented people rubs off on you in some way, especially if you’re working with them on a project.

During filming of Random Shoes, were there any moments where you had a fit of the giggles, or funny moments that you can share with us, as young Eugene was a forlorn child, poor lad. I wonder if there had been moments when you try to remain in character but it only has to be someone smiling off camera to set you off?

Luke: It was unusually long days during the shoot of Random Shoes maybe because of Torchwood being one of the first BBC shows to be broadcast in High Definition (correct me if I’m wrong) and it seems that whenever the days get longer, the more mistakes you make so I would imagine there were quite a lot of outtakes from the shoot. Some might be pretty funny but I have no doubt that the majority of them would not be entertaining to watch.

You’ve appeared in Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix as a pupil, what house group were you in and which scenes?

Luke: I was in Ravenclaw house which I was pretty pleased with, you’ll see me sitting down at the front on the Ravenclaw table in the great hall during Dumbledore’s opening speech. I still haven’t visited the Harry Potter studio tour which I’m a little ashamed about.

It must have been fun on set of a film such as Harry Potter, did you ever have the opportunity yourself at meeting the main cast during filming and were you allowed to bring home a souvenir from the film?

Luke: Because it was such a big budget movie they had to be very strict in terms of the props and costumes, although it would be great to have a souvenir but stealing from Warner Bros. is not something I want on my conscience.

You played young Oliver in The World’s End.  I’ve not seen the film yet; can you tell us anything about your character, were you one of those scary characters with the lights for eyes in the trailer?

Luke: I play Young Oliver who probably saw Wall Street and decided to base his whole image on Gordon Gekko. He’s not the coolest kid in school but he’s more interested in what the Financial Times has to say about the stock exchange than his own popularity. 

You have appeared in quite a few productions since 2004, what has been the most challenging role you’ve had so far, and have there been any that you would have liked to have had more of a regular role in?

Luke: The most challenging roles for me are the ones that I don’t know much about or haven’t spent enough time preparing. Theatre is a much longer experience that allows time to create and change characters which is sometimes more difficult to do in film and TV just because of the schedule, however there is no safety net in live theatre like there is in TV and film which is a whole other interesting challenge in itself.

Because you’ve been involved in the acting profession since the age of 6, how did you land the parts, were you attending drama school, or were the roles through a talent agency?

Luke: I went to public school while attached to various agencies. I did try drama school but it didn’t work out for me.

What has been your favourite role to date?

Luke: My favourite role was probably a young Australian kid called Guy from Meredith Oakes beautifully written play Scenes from the Back of Beyond. Theatre has always been a big part of my life and working at The Royal Court with such talented people was a really humbling experience for me.

(Silent Witness) 

There are periods of resting between filming and productions, how do you fill your time when you’re not acting?

Luke: When I’m not working I try to watch as many films as I can.

Have you ever played a character, with gruesome facial make up and have travelled back home on public transport still with the make up on, and if so, which programme was that for?

Luke: There has been a few times where I’ve come back from shooting and needed to avoid people I knew so that the ending wasn’t spoilt. I have no idea why that was my main concern though. I must take spoilers VERY seriously.

In various film genres there’s always the ideal leading man or leading woman for the role, if you were able to choose which genre you would love to play lead role in, what would it be and who would you have as your leading man/woman/partner/buddy/sidekick/the one that doesn’t get killed at the end?

Luke: I’m obsessed with westerns as a genre so probably something like that. Anti-heroes fit well in that genre as well which makes it even more interesting so maybe something like For a Few Dollars More or Unforgiven.

I’ve just seen Captain Phillips so I’d probably cast Tom Hanks as a wise cracking, likeable sheriff of a rundown town in the middle of the desert. He’d probably  have a rebellious daughter played by Carey Mulligan that he’s overly protective of and she’ll get kidnapped by a group of bandits lead by a complex Michael Fassbender who’s just out for the ransom, but then falls in love with her and she tricks him into releasing her. Then Hugh Jackman will play the fast shooting vigilante that goes to rescue her. I’m going to be a little disappointed if this movie doesn’t happen now…

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BBC Torchwood 2006
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