Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Coffee Shop Fan Art

Fan Art

Suzie Costello

Once again it became impossible to locate a lot of interesting fan art of Suzie Costello, in the same way as it was difficult locating interesting fan art of Toshiko Sato.  So it was left again to random searches for artwork which was just that little bit different.  Although we located one Suzie, it was more comic than hand drawn artwork.  But it’s still interesting.  Along our search we also located some Jack and Ianto hand drawn art which I love, and some team Torchwood. 

We also have more artwork from our lovely Kenzie who not only drew Ianto with the Risen Mitten but also drew a Christmas theme piece which we’ve been torn where to put this year.  I think we’ll keep it here, so we have some festive decoration in The Coffee Shop.

So first up Suzie Costello.

http://nuriwan.deviantart.com/art/Suzie-Costello-74925838 Nuriwan comes from Barcelona Spain (not the planet)

From Torchwood to Who to The Hobbit, Nuriwan is an excellent artist, capturing not only comical behaviour but also beautiful portraits of the characters in the film, including a brilliant portrait of Gandalf. 

Her artwork of Suzie is very much a cartoon, as are all her TW and Who characters. 

Our next artist drew the Jack and Ianto piece which I love including her other works on her site.  Again unable to contact either artist over their work, to learn a little more about them, this artist has captured the look of love between the two men beautifully.

Pennysstuff has an obsession/fan worship of Ianto Jones/Gareth David Lloyd and its obvious when you look through the Wordpress website.  Her artwork is fantastic. 

Kenzie’s work as always has a passion all of its own, it is beautifully drawn and captures such expression that you can hear them talking.  We always love seeing Kenzie’s artwork on our site. 


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