Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Reviews You, Me and Them By Caroline Warboys

You, Me and Them
By Caroline Warboys - @CazieW

Features Eve Myles, Anthony Head, Jeff Rawle, Lindsay Duncan, Susie Blake, Daisy Beaumont, Marcus Garvey, Nigel Betts, Alice Felgate, Miller Henderson and Joshua McGuire.

Director Simon Hynd
Producers: Mark Kinsella, Angela Sinden, Jimmy Mulville, Helen Williams
Writer: Steve Turner
Format: PAL
Region: Region 2
DVD Release Date: 6 Jan 2014

UK TV Gold Channel at 9pm
Gold is a channel packed with the best of British comedy and sitcoms. Sky 110 Virgin 126.
Broadcast: Wed 23rd October 2013 - Wed 27th November 2013
Series: 1
Episodes: 6

Highly entertaining comedy about a chaotic family
An age Gap relationship Ed (Anthony Head) and Lauren (Eve Myles) fall in love only to have his crazy ex wife Lydia (Lindsay Duncan), movie in next door in desperation to win him back.
Both sides of the families think they are crazy and that it will never last with the twenty six year age difference.  They also have Ed's brother Alan (Nigel Betts) living with them who is always complaining about being over-weight. 

Lauren's parents Clive (Jeff Rawle) and Emma (Susie Blake) are always interfering and don’t agree with the age gap and all Ed's friends think he's got himself a trophy girlfriend.    

Joshua McGuire plays Ed’s grandson, Tim who is always hanging around and ends up becoming Ellie's Boyfriend.  Debs Lauren's Sister is played by - Daisy Beaumont, her husband Keith is played by Marcus Garvey and two children Charlie played by Miller Henderson and Ellie played by Alice Felgate.

Episode's run down
Lauren introduces her family to her older boyfriend Ed for the first time by inviting them round for her moms birthday and Ed's ex-wife hi-jacks the day and causes mischief.
Debs doesn't want Tim and her daughter to get together so invites him over for dinner in the hope of splitting them up. While Ed and Lauren have dinner at Lauren's parents, most funniest dinner you could be at I might add, Ed doesn't like Lauren's personal items she has brought over to the house including Lucky Buddha which mysteriously disappears, and a trip to the dump it site is in order, Ed and Lauren's first funeral together turns out to be a challenge with Ed’s ex pretending to be a psychic and one of Ed’s friends hitting on Lauren.
Elsewhere, Debs adds spice to her love life.
A ghost from Lauren's childhood unexpectedly rises to ruin Clive and Ed's snooker night with sneezes and squeaky jackets.
Lauren helps Ellie in her hour of need, but in doing so starts to question her future with Ed.

The show ends on a big cliff hanger.......

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