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Locations They Keep Killing Suzie By John Bond

Episode 8 Location Guide – They keep killing Suzie!
By John Bond (The Doctor)

Well I hope you are all having a fantastic Christmas, Holiday etc. and that the food has been good and the alcohol even better.  As you know this episode, Suzie makes a comeback.  I will not spoil the episode description in this just in case Jack feeds me to Joshua.  Also this episode was mostly filmed in the studio and only one location was used, so this article will be short and sweet.

Barry Docks, Barry, South Wales

This location is used as Hedley Quay.  This is for the scenes of Gwen being carried by Suzie down along the pier and then Jack shooting Suzie.  The pier used is actually not for public access so you cannot get onto it and from doing a lot of research and thanks to the site Doctor Who Locations for sharing this information.

The nearest point from which to get a decent view of the pier is from Nells Point.  So here are the directions to get there.


Catch a Train to Barry Island from Platform 7 in Cardiff Central Station (this will take you 30 mins)

Get off the train at Barry Island and come out of the station and head North toward Plymouth Road

Turn Left onto Plymouth Road and then take the first Right onto Archer Road

Walk to the top of Archer Road and turn Right onto Clive Road

Walk along Clive Road until you have a turning on the Right call Barry Island Pathway. 

Walk along Barry Island Pathway and Turn Right onto Charles Darwin Way.

From here you can see the Piers.


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